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Weird Things for Weirdos

Updated on January 27, 2016
Gloriousconfusion profile image

I love collecting things, especially figurines, which makes my home look interesting but somewhat cluttered, depending on your viewpoint.

A Collection of Weird Things

I've always liked weird things, ever since I got a little skeleton on a keyring as a child.

If it's weird enough, I'll want to know about it, be it in the realm of weird ornaments, weird photographs, weird behaviour or weird people.

Weirdness caters to the imagination, whereas normality is just.....what?

Normal? Maybe.

Boring? Possibly.

Unremarkable? Definitely.

Do you like weird stuff and oddities too? If so, there will be plenty to entertain you here.

A Doggy (and Possibly Dodgy) Film Crew - Is that Weird or What? Imagine meeting them on Halloween!

Doggy Film Crew
Doggy Film Crew

This weird little collection of dogs stands about 3 - 4 inches high, each one separate, so you can space them around to the best vantage point for them to start "filming".

They are made of painted clay I think, and I've certainly never seen anything similar in the shops.

If you are interested in buying them, please contact me

Weird Artefacts at the British Museum - What if these symbolic Mexican snakes start moving?

British Museum - snakes
British Museum - snakes

These snakes look evil

Are they casting an evil eye on you?

Would you spend a night at the museum, or would you want to go home early?

Weird Stuff on eBay - Join an eBay auction - it's easy!

These weird things are chosen by eBay, and as this changes daily, you might like to return to this page if you don't find anything you want first time round. Also, if you hover on any of the items, it will transport you through to eBay, where you can browse for other things.

Wallace and Grommit ornament
Wallace and Grommit ornament

No Page on Weird Stuff is Complete Without Wallace and Gromit - Possibly my favorite weirdos on television

This is a rubber Wallis and Gromit ornament, about 12-inches high.

Gromit is in the bath, covered in foaming shampoo, poor darling.

If you would like to own it, please contact me and I will remove it from its shelf in my lounge and sadly kiss it goodbye, or should I say kiss them goodby?

Wallace and Gromit cuff links
Wallace and Gromit cuff links

Wallace and Gromit - Here they are again, my favorite weirdos!

This time on cufflinks, with a special Walliace and Grommit box

Are they not cute?

But would you not be a little disconcerted if you saw their little faces peering through the window one dark and stormy night?

The Green Man - Tattoo
The Green Man - Tattoo

Here's a Very Weird Tattoo - The Green Man

I asked a stranger if I could take this photograph of his tattoo - I get quite brazen when I'm looking for a good photo!

This Green Man Tattoo is quite unnerving when you are close up to it - the art work is very effective, and the Green Man seems to be looking right at you.

Now imagine the Green Man moving slightly as muscles ripple.


Do not let this man put his arm round you on Halloween - you never know what might happen!!

Dragon Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo

Here's Another Tattoo, This Time a Dragon - It was done on the arm of one of my friends, Jens

I watched the tattooist, Lal Hardy, as he worked on it - very impressive art work. I took lots of photos as he was inking, and then wrote about it in a page called Tattooist at Work - Lal Hardy; later it got me thinking, and I wrote a poem Tattoo.

The League of Gentlemen - Complete Series - Just the thing for an evening at home - This is comedy at its very weirdest

Some people didn't like this series, because it is about very odd people in a village, Royston Vaisey, which is peopled by weirdos and perverts. They don't like strangers in Royston Vaisey, and they all stick together.

There is an atmosphere of dark foreboding and evil, and the protagonists are some of the most vile people you could come across. But they look after each other - it's just the strangers who don't fare well.
I love it - British humour can be quite grim, almost incomprehensible at times, but so funny that I could hardly wait till the next television episode, and always stayed in on that night.

Take the Poll Below About Weirdness - What is the extent of your weirdness?

Would you be suspicious of this man if you met him on a dark night, say Halloween, carrying an axe?

Why are you here on this page? Are you a bit weird yourself?

See results
Titania Sleepping by Richard Dadd
Titania Sleepping by Richard Dadd | Source

Here's a Painting by Richard Dadd

Richard Dadd was an accomplished Artist and Entered the Royal Academy at the age of 20

When he was 27, after travelling in Egypt, sadly he became mentally ill, probably bi-polar disorder and psychosis. He heard voices, and became violent. He murdered his father by cutting his throat, escaped to France, and then threatened to kill other people. He was eventually captured and confined in Bethlem Lunatic Asylum, and later for the rest of his life in Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Whilst there, he continued painting masterpieces, many of mythical scenes.

Titania Sleeping by Richard Dadd

Gargoyle | Source

This is My Latest Addition to my Weird Collection - a Gargoyle - He's on the wall opposite my kitchen

I look out of the window as I do the washing up at the sink, and he leers back at me.

For me, Halloween comes every night of the year, when I see his little gargoyle face grinning down at me

He is particularly hideous, isn't he?

Do you like or collect weird things?

This is my Guestbook - Please leave a Comment - Just say Hi, or maybe expand a bit more if you like

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    • Gloriousconfusion profile image

      Diana Grant 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      @GrammieOlivia: too right

    • profile image

      GrammieOlivia 4 years ago

      Oh I guess I have my share of what other's would call weird, to me they are mine! Weird or not doesn't enter into the equation. If I like it, I make it mine.......

    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Anything that isn't normal, I adore!

    • Gloriousconfusion profile image

      Diana Grant 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      @jptanabe: Yes, they're fascinating

    • jptanabe profile image

      Jennifer P Tanabe 4 years ago from Red Hook, NY

      I do love the weird and wonderful - like this lens!

    • Monika Weise profile image

      Monika Weise 4 years ago from Indianapolis, IN USA

      I am all about weird! Thanks for an entertaining read.

    • GeorgeneMBramlage profile image

      Georgene Moizuk Bramlage 5 years ago from southwestern Virginia

      I collect lots of little bits and pieces of things - most signify an event or special thought. I don't have a Vicotrian clost of curiosities.

    • RhondaAlbom profile image

      Rhonda Albom 5 years ago from New Zealand

      I love weird things! This is a great lens, so much fun. Blessed.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I like to see some weird stuff but not own it. Besides, some things that others may consider weird I just think are cool!

    • traveller27 profile image

      traveller27 5 years ago

      Not really....but had to come back for another look at these!

    • Gloriousconfusion profile image

      Diana Grant 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      @moonlitta: What, the men or the weird things?

    • profile image

      moonlitta 5 years ago

      There's not a man who doesn't like weird things... women of course appreciate them too:)

    • Gloriousconfusion profile image

      Diana Grant 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      @David Stone1: At least it keeps one awake - normal can send one to slee.....zzzzzz!

    • profile image

      Storytutor 5 years ago

      I walk around with a puppet on my arm waiting for puppetteering op's.

    • David Stone1 profile image

      David Stone 5 years ago from New York City

      Perfect for just moments when normal is just not good enough. Thank you.

    • Gloriousconfusion profile image

      Diana Grant 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      @Storytutor: What fun! I could imagine doing that myself, as I do love puppets - I and a friend used to put on puppet shows when we were teenagers. We had lots of Pelham puppets, and used to make clothes for them to turn them into different characters.. Then one day a thief broke into the car boot where they were stored and stole the lot. That was the end of our puppeteering career, and we just hoped that the puppets were still put to good use and not just thrown away.

    • profile image

      aardvarkapparel 5 years ago

      That Gargoyle is cool. I'd love to know where you found it?!?