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Baby Showers

Updated on October 24, 2014

Celebrate With A Great Baby Shower

Family and Friends are very important and want to celebrate at a Baby Shower the new life(lives) coming into the world. The celebration of the new babies arrival can be small or very elegant. Planning a Baby Shower can be fun if you don't get overwhelmed. Choose the type of Baby Shower, the theme you want and make your step by step list and your on your way to a memorable celebration

Types Of Baby Showers

There are many types of Baby Showers: and themes such as a Zoo, Safari, Owl, Under the Sea, Mommy Silhouette, Baby Teddy Bear, Baby Elephant, if you are creative you will be able to design the invitations, make the decorations, diaper cake centerpieces that can double as a mom-to-be gift.

Traditional Baby Showers

Traditionally the Baby Shower was held by a friend, co_worker, and is held one to two months before the baby is born and held for the first born. Women only are invited. Traditionally the Baby Shower would be held at a home, church or restaurant.

Couples/Co-Ed Baby Showers

Couples and Co-Ed Baby Showers are for both men and women.

Baby Sprinkle Baby Showers are for mothers expecting a second, third or more babies.

Grandma Baby Showers is a Baby Shower where the guest of honor is the first-time

grandma-to-be and the guests are grandma's, girlfriends and the mom-to-be

Daddy Baby Showers

A Daddy Baby Shower is the latest trend, for men only, hold the party at a bowling ally. bar, or other favorite place.

Theme Ideas:

A Zoo, Safari, Owl, Under the Sea, Mommy Silhouette, Baby Teddy Bear, Baby Elephant, if you are creative you will be able to design the invitations, make the decorations, diaper cake centerpieces that can double as a mom-to-be gift.

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes make great centerpieces and can be given as a gift to the mom-to-be after the Baby Shower is over.

The Diaper Cake is really popular and can be very easy to make, with so many different themes. Diaper Cakes can be made for boys or girls, twins, triplets and more.

The materials needed for a diaper cake are:

Cloth or Disposable Diapers

Platter of Base of your choice




Receiving Blankets



Baby Bottles

Other things you would like to add

Floral Decorations

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games add fun and laughter to a Baby Shower. Unique games make the shower less boring.

Baby Shower Games that are fun for your Baby Shower are:

Guess how many Diapers

Put a bunch of diapers in a bay and pass around to the guests. the one who guesses the answer or is close to the right amount wins a prize. The diapers and bag will go to the mom-to-be.

Pass the Poop

For this game you will need chocolate, baby diaper, music. Before the Baby Shower begins put the chocolate in the diaper and melt in microwave and wala you have baby poop. Next have the guests sit in a circle, play music as the guests pass the diaper around, when the music stops the person with the poopy diaper is out. The last person is the winner. Have a nice gift for the winner

Guess the Mom to be's size

Drink it Baby- put beverage of choice in baby bottles

Then and Now- Use bristol board to display all the guests and mom to be's photos and then have each guest to match each baby photo to the guests.


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