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Drift skates

Updated on June 26, 2016

Drift skates are a new form of skate that is gaining popularity. Each skate looks like a small platform with two wheel on the bottom. The skates combine certain aspects of skateboards, and regular skates.

Drift skates do not strap on to your feet and so must be manipulated in a manner similar to a skate board. Conversely, the two drift skates are not linked so each foot is free to do its own thing.

As far as compact portability is concerned, drift skates are probably some of the most compact wheels around. Lightweight and small, they can easily be packed into a small bag

My new drift skates

My new drift skates
My new drift skates | Source

What is it like?

Now that I have my own drift skates I will be trying to learn to ride them so I can tell you what they are like. To date I have logged about 3 hours of practice riding. I am fairly well balanced on the skates but I have yet to succeed in pushing off without help.

What websites report is that initial learning takes about 6 hours so I am maybe still in good shape. Some sites report longer learning times so I am patient...

Riding the drift skate has been described as somewhere between roller skates and skate board. I have had no experience with skate boards and I can say that is only very vaguely reminiscent of rollerskating. From my point of view, the differences are in favor of drift skates for various reasons

For people who care about their knees

easy on the knees, hard on the ankles
easy on the knees, hard on the ankles | Source

Easy on the knees, harder on the ankles

I can note with some confidence that a major setback of roller skates is that their weight tends to jar the knees and back while rollerskating. This is not the case with drift skates which do not generally involve raising the skate from the ground - at least for beginners.It is worth noting that each drift skate is significantly lighter than most skates.

Conversely, the requirement to work harder on balance means that, at least initially, the ankles are doing a lot more work and that can easily be felt when starting to learn to skate. Presumably this will improve over time as my balance improves and my ankles get a bit stronger.

On a minor expense note - It should be noted that drift skates are also a lot cheaper than roller skates - mine cost about thirty US dollars including shipping.

Please add your own input

Have you rode drift skates - do you have any tips?


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