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What is Fantage?

Updated on December 7, 2013

What is fantage?

Fantage is an online game website where children can learn, play, socialize in a fun-filled environment. With society complaining about how seldom kids participate in outdoor activities, its multi dimensional approach to the gaming gives parents and teachers something to cheer about.

Fantage which was created in 2008 now has 16 million users. There is a wide range of gaming options for kids to choose from. The purpose of this article is not to promote fantage, but to provide information to parents that are considering signing up their kids on fantage.


Membership fees goes for recurring membership

$5 per month

$9.99 per month including 5000

$19.99 for 3 months including 3000

One time membership:

$29.99 for 6 Months

$54.99 for 12 Months


On fantage your kids can have fun, make friends and learn something new every day. Before you look away, read the additional benefits that could possible accrue to you if you have your kids on fantage.

  • The strategy, fashion and adventurous missions that abound on fantage could no doubt be instrumental in helping your child decide what their interests are.
  • Parents are apprehensive about their kid's involvement in social networks like facebook and twitter. Well, if you are one of such caring parents with kids between 6 years and 16 years you could use this platform to limit their exposure to social networks you think they aren't ready for.

    In addition, the chat filtering system which parents also have control over keeps fantage free from cyber bullying and regulates the kind of information that is shared among online buddies.

  • School challenge: Fantage offers a school challenge for fifth -grade class. As your kids grow, intra-school challenges help them push themselves beyond their comfort zones. I remember always looking forward to school challenges in my high school days because of the feeling of "Having a peek out there" I felt thereafter. A good performance in a challenge makes school challenges even more worthwhile.
  • Teachers can host virtual classrooms and monitor their student's game score. Imagine kids still being able to learn even if there were a snow storm.

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