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What to Look for in 3d Flight Simulator Software

Updated on December 15, 2011

There are many of us who like to play a good flight simulator. Not only to play but to learn how to better control our expensive RC Helicopters and planes. When you are looking for a great 3d dlight simulator there are some things you want to keep in mind to allow you to have as realistic experience as possible.

To have a great experience with a flight simulator you are going to need some basic controls. Using a keyboard for a flight simulator is possible but not really realistic or as fun. There are instructions online if you are good at making do it yourself controllers with electronics. If not you can use a multitude of controllers on the market for helicopters, planes, and RC cars. The Logitech Axis Pad dual stick controller is great for those just entering the market at a reasonable price. Others that have been using the 3d flight simulators for awhile have reported great fun with the Logitech Gamepad controller. No matter what you decide half the fun is reality and if it is more like the original RC controller the better.

As far as the actual flight simulators go, the biggest question is the 3d flight simulator realistic? Many RC programs like to bring in the graphics and have shiny colors for the planes, but when it comes to actually flying them the physics of the flight are just too easy. So, you really do not benefit from using the RC program because the program is always easier to fly the helicopters then t is in real life. Although they may be easier for advanced flyers they are great for beginners. It helps them understand the required stick movement, overcome orientation, and challenges the beginner to get the basics of left right, up, and down. If you want more advanced realistic physics then buy the program that has it.

The biggest thing with 3d flight simulators is not to get to concerned at first. Because the old saying goes it is hard at first, but practice makes perfect. This is true in everything so start with the easy simulators and then gradually increase hardness and physics level to compensate for real life wind shears and turbulence. You will be a expert flyer in no time and ready to take the real RC helicopter out for its first maiden voyage.


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