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what we want from the Resident evil fps

Updated on February 6, 2016

What is resident evil?

Resident evil is a survival horror game that started in the 90s on the PlayStation 1.

The first 3 games will always be the best!

They are set in a beautiful dark place called Raccoon city and the outskirts of the place.

The main characters in the first game are in a mansion for most of it.

As they explore they start to uncover dark secrets from experiments that really shouldn't of happened in the first place.

The first of these creatures were Zombies.

But others started to be created.

As you play the game you get to know the characters more and more.

To me The characters from the second game are and always will be the best.

The setting for the game is also amazing.

There are a lot of weapons in the game to choose from and the cheats you can use on the older one are really cool.

The game can get really scary after a few hours when ammo runs low.

There is one character in the first game that is a traitor!

But you don't know who until you're half way through the game.

Resident evil is honestly one of the best horror series ever made.

What is the new game?

The new game in 2016 looks very similar to games like call of duty.

Games like that are always fun but many never get it right.

The game play looks fantastic and really different to most games.

The graphics are beautiful and the game looks to be set around the same time as the other games.

It could be set modern day though (resident evil was set in late 90s to early 2000s)

The games have always had a really good story behind them...

I really hope the new game has some kind of story behind it for the multiplayer instead of just been a game where you kill stuff.

The game looks like it has a lot of potential.

i just hope it's good.

What we want from the game!

To start with we can't just have a call of duty clone.

We need something worth playing with fantastic game play as well as character customization and a lot of weapons to choose from.

It can't be pay to win.

There needs to be at least 50+ weapons to start with and more need to be added.

There should be perks and a lot of maps.

If it's just online we need like 30+ maps just from the start with more getting added all time.

The game should also take parts of all the games from the older games all the way up to the new ones.

We need a really good game that has lot's of things from the first 3 games so people that loved the old one's get to relive all the moments they loved the most.

many people from all over the world know and love the resident evil games.

I have grown up with them and i know of a lot of people that have also done the same thing.

Even though the game is horror it also has a lot of drama and some comedy thrown in there also.

We also need to feel like we are playing a resident evil game instead of just another shooter.


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