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What are Squinkies and What Do They Do? All You Need to Know About This Year's "It" Toy

Updated on December 2, 2010

Have you heard about squinkies? Chances are if you’re reading this article a child in your life is begging you for this year’s “it” toy. Squinkies are thought to be the zhu zhu pet or tickle me elmo of the 2010 Christmas season. They frequently sell out in stores and online.

What are Squinkies?

Squinkies are plastic figurines shaped like an animal or a person. Many squinkies are babies, puppies or kittens. They are approximately an inch tall and are squishy in texture. Squinkies come with and fit inside tiny plastic bubbles that resemble the balls and toys dispensed from vending machines. Squinkies have small holes on their underside that enables them to stand on Squinkies accessories.

What do you do with Squinkies?

-Lots of kids collect Squinkies, they can even log onto the Squinkies website and track their collection online. There are two display sets currently available for sale the Palace Suprize stand has posts for individual Squinkies to stand on and be displayed from. The Squinkies Tote& Go! is a translucent carrying case for Squinkies inside their bubble balls.

-Squinkies can be worn. Squnkies come in a bracelet and ring form that can be worn. A bracelet allows for the wearing of multiple squinkies while the ring allows for the wearing of one Squinkie. Currently there are three bracelet sets; Birthday Suprize, Fantasy Suprize and Princess Suprize. The bracelet sets also include a ring.

-Squinkies can be used as pencil toppers.

-Squinkies can be played with. Squinkies come in a variety of play sets that include a gumball like machine which Squinkies can be placed inside of and then “purchased” with a Squinkies coin that comes in the play set, the toy then rolls out like a gumball in a gumball machine.

Where do you get Squinkies?

According to the Squinkies website are available at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R’ Us, Shopko, Meijer and

If you are having trouble locating Squinkies locally, check your store’s website or call the store to see if they have Squinkies before you waste the gas getting over there. for example allows you to see if your local Target has Squinkies in stock. Simply search the website for Squinkies and click on the button that says “Find it at a Target store”

How much do Squinkies cost?

Squinkies range in price from $5 to $30. tends to have the best and most complete selection of squinkies.



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    • profile image

      Alisa 4 years ago

      Please, please, please have your child keep their squinkies at home...not at school. Not only are they a distraction during class, but they are also easily stolen. Since kids don't write their name or initials on them, it's very difficult to track who it belongs to resulting in hurt feelings.

    • profile image

      ghena 4 years ago

      i have 20 squinkies and they are really fun to play with i am going to toy s r us to buy some more ps don't eat

    • profile image

      The Big Guy 5 years ago

      Squinkies are Good Food!

      I eat 2 or 3 a day they are like bubble gum!

      Me Like eat Suinkies ;-)

    • profile image

      just haveing fun 6 years ago

      I really loved thease the first time i have seen the comercial im not a parent i a kid who just loves squinkies I want to ask my mom if i can go to walmart or toys r us and try to get some !!!! :) cant wait!!!!!!

      p.s I recommend this toy ages 5+

      (if they don't eat it)and they are awsome jewlerly and just plain... FUN!!!

    • profile image

      bella 6 years ago

      i just got some squinkies from my friend and they're awsome. you can put them on your pencil, wear them and even buy a mansion!!!

      p.s.try them out!

    • profile image

      bodiddley 6 years ago

      A "REAL" game with squinkies:

      My 5-yr-old has become anamored with these... not QUITE sure why, as they are so small, he tends to lose them sometimes, and they don't really "do": anything (seems collectibles tend to attract older kids, right?)

      ANYWAY--- we came up with a non-online game (something besides a screen). WE have a hardwood floor in our dining area, put a hula hoop down, and we each hold a squinkie about 12-14" off the ground, over the center of the ring. we count "One! Two! Three! SQUINK!" and drop them... whoever bounces out of the ring loses (or whatever doesn't cause tears... we just both console each other and tell our respective squinkies to "stay in the middle!" ) it's kind of a bouncy form of marbles, really.

    • profile image

      ttuuuyyyee 6 years ago

      squinkies are very fun to just play with you can get a carnaville and a zoo and a cruise boat

    • drmingle profile image

      drmingle 7 years ago from United States

      A good write up for all parents who want to get a jump start before the Christmas buying season...



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