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What's The Word Answers

Updated on July 14, 2014

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What's The Word Answers is a website devoted to helping people who enjoy playing the hot new mobile application, What's The Word? This fun game appeared on my radar just a few weeks ago and I've been impressed with the number of levels and prompt release schedule of the developers.

One of the most interesting things to watch is just how many developers have decided to create versions of this game. RedSpell, LOTUM GmbH, Emerging Games and Itch Mania are all jockeying for position and trying to get the consumer's attention with their versions of the game.

The concept of What's The Word is to determine one word that describes the 4 pictures presented before you. These levels are typically quick, witty and vary in difficulty to solve. There's already over 200 levels (ie. puzzles) and there tends to be a lot of requests for help solving some of the puzzles.

In an effort to help my fellow mobile app enthusiasts, I've created this article, as a way to showcase how the game is played and feature several levels to give you a feel for how the game is to be played.

(All images provided courtesy of What's The Word Answers)


What's The Word Answers - Basic Levels - Beginning Stages Of What's The Word

There are several versions of What's The Word that are available in both the iOS and Android Markets. Many developers are in the process of creating and/or releasing popular versions of this game for Windows, PC, Facebook and other non-mobile devices.

Weekly twists and tweaks on this original game are starting to make their appearance in the App Markets for both iOS and Android. For example, What's The Icon is a hybrid between What's The Word, Icomania and Logos Quiz. Developers tend to be highly creative, so it's anyone's guess what twists will be introduced. I liken this phenomenon to viral youtube videos. One person develops a highly unique concept and then everyone else wants to partake and put out their versions (ie. Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake, etc).

I've put together a handful of videos to give you a feel for the basic, introductory levels to What's The Word.

Dissecting What's The Word

Simple Concepts Net Big Dividends

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for a new mobile app. I've got close to 40 on my phone, at any given time. As I market and promote different gaming websites, I learn a lot about the mobile app developers, their business strategies and different techniques.

One of the positive things I take away from What's The Word is the aggressiveness of the developers at Redspell. They've taken the concept of finding 4 visual pictures on free stock image websites, that all point to the same word. Free picture files, combined with a release strategy that sees more than 5 new levels released every day, equates into a lot of money.

Conversely, one of the negative things I find with Redspell is that they do not seem to have a person on staff that checks their translations for proper spelling. This is easily fixed in a new update, but if they would just slow down and take their time, it wouldn't be happening in the first place.

Another glaring problem lies in the Theme Packs. Currently, there are 30 levels for each theme. The developers have put together a numbering system, but instead of starting off the levels at 1, they began at 0. Instead of getting to 30/30 on Liquids, for example, I get to 29/29 because it started on 0. Something else for them to fix, I guess.

Either way, I can't really complain. This game is highly addictive and a good time waster while you are waiting in the airport terminal or on the subway.

What's The Word? - Available For Android Devices

Have You Tried What's The Word? - What's Your Favorite Mobile App?

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      great lens

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      Jo-Jackson 5 years ago

      I'd never heard of it before. I hope you haven't given me a new addiction!

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      Iftikhar-Hussain 5 years ago

      Nice Lens . I like it :)