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Wheat Penny Error Coins

Updated on November 20, 2011

Valuable Wheat Penny Error Coins

I like looking at my spare change in hopes of finding a very valuable error coin. I recently came across a Wheat Cent, and this made me interested in the value of wheat pennies and what wheat penny error coins look like.

There are many links to Ebay auctions on this page. I find Ebay auctions to be a great place to learn what error coins look like.

Photo Credit This penny doesn't have any errors.

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Wheat Pennies


What is a lamination error?

Gasses or impurities in the metal can cause lamination errors. After the coin is minted, a surface section can peel up or appear to be peeling. It may look like a jagged surface.

Wheat Pennies with Doubled Die Error

Doubled Die is one of the most common errors for coins during this time period. A doubled die coin is a coin that has been struck with a double hubbed die. The die was created from an incorrectly designed hub.

A doubled die coin makes the letters or numbers look doubled. Check out these doubled pennies for sale.

What is a die rotation error? - This video explains it best...

A rotated coin is an error that you might miss. It basically means that one side isn't right side up.... This video explains it better than I can.

Wheat Pennies with Planchet Errors

The planchet is a round metal disc that the coin is struck on. Planchet errors include blank planchet, clipped planchet, and off center planchet.

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    • JohnCumbow profile image

      JohnCumbow 3 years ago

      During the mid-1950s there were a lot of Lincoln cents made with die cracks (1955,56,57). I like to go through original BU rolls and pull out the "errors" and I've found a lot of so-called "BIE" errors (a die break between the B and E of LIBERTY makes it look like there's an extra "I" in there.

      Also found quite a few 1955 "poor man's double die" cents with a double-struck (more likely re-engraved) last 5 in the date.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      STRANGE WHEAT CENT ERROR: Has anyone ever seen / heard of a wheat cent (reverse) over a Indian Head Cent reverse? I have a 1928 Wheatie that sure does look like it, but I am not sure.. Any comments please...