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Why does League of Legends have so many Players ?

Updated on October 13, 2012

Reasons why League of Legends is so Popular!

First of all, I'm beeing honest with you guys. I don't like League of Legends, but I often play it, because i have nothing else to do! So I have played like 2000 games and I always asked myself why so many people play this game, because the game is not a great game at all. It is always the same, the same map, most of the times the same setup ( ad or ap top, ap mid, ap or ad jungler, ad and support bot) , the same gameplay and just the same as always! Sometimes it is fun, but mainly it just sucks, because it is no fun at all to play with kids, who are in puberty, or with older people, who behave like 14 year old kids. And that is the reason why League of Legends has so many players. The kids nowadays have nothing better to do than playing video games, except for celebeating, doing stuff they are not allowed to do and that is pretty much all. Nobody cares about homework or things you must do. I'm just beeing real with you, i was like them...years ago !

Ok, back to topic. There are so many kids playing this game, it is not good at all. They are trolling, flaming and just behaving like retards ( this is how you normaly behave like in puberty) and they just destroy the fun of the game. As I said, I played like 2000 games and I would say I had fun playing like 200 games and in 1800 games i listened to angry retarded childish people, who had nothing better to than destroying the fun of the game. And that is the reason why Leauge of Legends has 32,5 million registered players. Not because the game is so much fun, just because the people on the world are childish, dumb and can not control themselves.

League of Legends..

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What is 'Trolling' ?

This is an easy one. People, who 'troll' are not fantasy creatures like older people often think !

These are people, who intentionally want to destroy the game. They pick characters, who do not fit in the setup, they run into people and they are just getting killed without defending themselves. They do things a normal person would not do.

There is picture with a face, which stands for 'trolling'. It is called Trollface!

Trolling in League of Legends - this has over 2.000.000 views....

What can I do against 'trolling people'?

To be honest with you, you can do nothing. You just have to wait untill the game is over. You can report them afterwards, but League of Legends normally, excuse my language, gives a s*** about what you say. There are 32 million people playing this game and they can not work on every single report. It is not possible and the only reports, which matter are the ones in ranked games, but that doesn't change the fact that you are loosing some of your Elo while watching some of your teammates 'trolling' and waiting 20 minutes untill the game is over. If you are not waiting and leave the game before the 20 minutes are over and you can surrender the game, your 'teammates' will report you for leaving, which makes no sense, because you are not the one, who destroys the game, but that is just how people, especially League of Legends players are, they are childish and dumb.

So just wait untill the game is over, don't rage so much, because raging doesn't make sense at all and report him afterwards and hope that Riot Games will ban him !

What is 'Feeding'?

To 'feed' someone means that you make the oppenent stronger while loosing against him several times. Most of the times people call you a 'feeder', what means that you are doing that intentionally or because of the reason that you are a 'noob'! The people that you are feeding are fed and not feeded, like the most of the german kids say!

Feeding in League of Legends

What can I do against 'feeding people'?

Just tell them that they should stop 'feeding' the opponents ! Sometimes, but just rarely they follow your advice, most of the times they just start raging, because they are kids, who can not handle criticism and they start 'flaming' !

So it is your decision, you can tell them and maybe then you have to deal with their aggressions or you just wait, don't say anything and hope they'll stop.

What is 'Flaming'?

'Flaming' is just another word for 'complaining' or 'cursing'. Kids often do that, ok not only kids do that, but people who have an IQ over 50 know that 'flaming' in games does not make sense at all.

Flaming in League of Legends

Ignore the voices of those greek malaga guys.

What can I do against 'flaming people'?

This is easy, put them on your ignore list !

League of Legends Free to Play

but how does Riot earn money ?

The main money income comes from children, who are buying skins, EP boosts and stuff like that. These things are so useless and it is like you take 50 bucks out of your perc and burn it with a lighter.

If you are a parent and you know that your kid is playing this game and he asks you for money, ask him what for ! And if it is for League of Legends, then do the opposite of grounding him and make sure that he never plays this game again! If you not do it, he will waste your money and some of his lifetime!

Your Opinion on League of Legends ?

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    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image

      ImmatureEntrepr 5 years ago

      Amazing job on your lens! Lots of useful information and presented nicely. Squid Angel blessings for you! :)