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The Best Wii Puzzle Games

Updated on October 21, 2014

Challenge Your Brain with the Best Wii Puzzle Games!

Puzzle games not only stimulate the brain when playing, but they keep you entertained and make your mind sharper when you're not playing. On this page, we'll review some of the best Wii puzzle games like Ultimate I Spy, Big Brain Academy, Boom Blox Bash Party, Rubik's World, and Mercury Meltdown Revolution.

You can also browse the entire catalog of Wii puzzle games here.

Ultimate I Spy

This game will keep the family entertained for hours on end! With ten unique worlds each containing several riddles, you'll be glued to your seat trying to find all of the hidden objects within the game. Challenging enough for adults, yet simple enough that a kid can get the hang of it quickly.

Ultimate I Spy combines the seek and find gameplay with the unique capabilities of the Wii gaming system. Over 20 hours of gameplay in 10 unique riddle environments. Based on the books of the same name, this game consists of ten different worlds with riddles. The game is 3D, and you can zoom in to find all of the hidden objects. There are mini games and challenges that make the game great for the entire family!

Ultimate I Spy Wii - Perfect for the Whole Family!

Ultimate I Spy - Nintendo Wii
Ultimate I Spy - Nintendo Wii
Great format, bright colors and artwork. 4 stars.

Big Brain Academy

The massively fun and successful game for the DS makes its debut on the Wii! With a range of fun mini games that offer unique challenges using the Wii remote as well as your noggin, the objective of the game is to train your brain and also see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Big Brain Academy features a range of mini games and challenges that help to determine how smart you are, as well as telling what you can work on and what your strengths are. It's easy to track progress. Your own mental agility will help you get through this game, making it perfect for people of all ages. Simple, yet challenging, this game encourages daily play to up your mental abilities and your score.

BOOM BLOX Bash Party - Build, destroy, and team up in this fun Wii game directed by Steven Spielberg!

Get ready for even more blox-busting action with BOOM BLOX Bash Party for Wii, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed BOOM BLOX game for Wii. Developed by EA in collaboration with director and producer Steven Spielberg, BOOM BLOX Bash Party takes destruction to new heights, providing the ultimate social gaming experience. BOOM BLOX Bash Party will get your party started with new Versus, Co-op and Team Play challenges - twice as many multiplayer challenges as the original BOOM BLOX.

Play together, play against each other, or team up with friends through over 400 levels! Build your own levels (this is the part that makes it a puzzle game), send them to friends, or download new ones whenever you play. Featuring a great cast of whacky characters, you'll have fun destroying, building, and teaming up in this incredibly unique game for kids.

As kids, you probably built giant wooden block castles or fortresses, only to knock them over (the funnest part!). Boom Blox Bash Party takes that concept further on this Wii game, allowing them to virtually create their own little universe, then destroy it at will! A game that will get their mind moving, as well as satisfy that little "destructive side."

Boom Blox Bash Party - Nintendo Wii
Boom Blox Bash Party - Nintendo Wii
Most Wii games have gone down in price over the years. As you can tell by the price, this one hasn't. It is harder to find, and has maintained a cult status among gamers.

Jelly Belly Ballistic Beans - Challenging Wii puzzle game - at a bargain price!

Don't think for a second that because of the price that Jelly Belly Ballistic Beans that its lacking in content or quality. It's a great game! With 8 themes and 150 worlds, this is quite a challenge that will keep users interested for hours. The objective is to get a gold star in each level. You'll shoot the beans and spell out the words "jelly belly." In other challenges, you'll break bricks or shoot beans through holes. All in all, very entertaining, especially for the low price!

* Eight different and exciting themes available including Halloween, Space, and Sport

* Play in single-player "Beantastic" mode, or take on a friend in "Battling Beans"

* Over 150 unique world layouts providing various objectives with opportunities for high scores medal rewards

* Extensive single and multiplayer options plus various unlockable game modes and features encourage replay and reward experienced players

Rubik's World - Based on the classic Rubik's cube - for less than an actual cube!

What does the inside of a Rubik's cube look like? Step inside the cube and find a whole cubified world in Rubik's World! A minimalist 3D world, this is as addictive as it is challenging. Perfect for long or short play, with multi player mode available. With intuitive controls, Rubik's World was made for casual gaming. Unlock mini games, interact with the beings in the cube, and compose music using the Rubik's sequencer, and get yourself into a whole new level of unique gaming!

Play and interact with the Cubee's, educate them, or use your noggin to plan ahead to create your own unique environment inside Rubik's World!

Tetris Party Deluxe Wii

This is the most obvious choice for a great, classic puzzle game available for play on the Wii console (which means it's also playable on the Wii U). What's different from other incarnations of this game is that you can play against three other players at the same time (four total), which unlike the old school NES version, you won't have to wait your turn to play.

Tetris Party has some different modes to play in, but the classic Tetris is the one you'll play the most. I can't tell you how many hours I spent playing this while waiting for our first daughter to arrive!

Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2 - Play Sudoku, Towers, Numbers Soup, Squares and more!

Relax, play and sharpen your mind with 1,000's of puzzle games. Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2 brings more brain boggling number puzzles with seven great games, including Sudoku, Towers, Number Soup and Squares. The brain boggling puzzles will give your mind some exercise, while providing the entertainment you've come to expect from a Wii game. New puzzles are generated each time you play providing limitless possibilities!

Challenge me : brain puzzles 2 [import anglais]
Challenge me : brain puzzles 2 [import anglais]
If you really love this game or want to own but don't want to pay the giant price tag listed here (last I checked almost $100), then consider buying the Nintendo DS version. There are several versions available for around $20-30. Both this Wii sequel and the original have been high priced and very RARE as of late.

Puzzle Challenge Crosswords - A fun way to work your brain on the Wii!

over 1000 unique word and logic puzzle games arranged in an easy to use format, providing over 200 hours of game play into Puzzle Challenge Crosswords. Full of puzzles and brainteasers to entertain and challenge all word puzzle lovers! Wordsearch - standard themed wordsearch puzzles Mini Wordsearch - themed wordsearch puzzles on a smaller grid Micro Wordsearch - themed wordsearch puzzles on a really small grid Kriss Kross - themed puzzles where you are given the words and you have to fill them into the crossword puzzle Mini Kriss Kross - smaller Kriss Kross puzzles Number Jig - crossword puzzles with numbers instead of words Backwords - crossword style puzzle where you are given the clues and a grid of letters where you fill in where the black squares should be.

Puzzle Challenges & More - Nintendo Wii
Puzzle Challenges & More - Nintendo Wii
A little hint here: Used copies of this game are available for as little as 50 cents!

More Wii Puzzle Games: - Tetris, Groovin' Blocks, and other great puzzle games on the Wii!

Safecracker Wii - A great puzzle game for the Wii - crack the safes!

As an expert safecracker, you are hired by the wealthy family of a recently deceased billionaire to search for the last will and testament of their late relative, Duncan W. Adams. An avid safe collector and an "eccentric" to say the least, Adams has hidden the deed to his riches in one of the 35 safes scattered in his extravagant mansion. The stakes are high. Use your expertise, wits, and puzzle-solving skills to crack them all and earn your pay check!

Wii Safecracker - A review of this great (and hard to find) game!

Mercury Meltdown Revolution

Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a brain-teasing puzzle game that challenges players to immerse themselves in a colorful world of sci-fi machines, crazy characters, and bubbling test tubes. Using the Wii Remote, players guide a liquid mercury 'blob' around traps, door switches, spikes, moving floors, and other hazardous elements in order to complete the level.

An instant hit, work your way through multiple puzzle levels maneuvering the liquid metal balls into shapes or forms. Use different colors to mix and solve puzzles and really put your brain to work! It takes precision, patience, and intelligence to get the job done here.

The price of this game is also an absolute steal! With cutting edge graphics and awesome game play, you won't be disappointed by its level of challenge or its captivation imagery.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution - Challenge your brain while indulging in beautiful graphics!


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