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Wind-Up Toys For The Young And Old

Updated on October 6, 2014

The Creative Toy for Young Kids, Intricate Machine Art for Old Geeks

A wind-up toy is a toy powered by a spring that is tightened by turning it. After release, the spring tries to get in its original, untightened position, and makes the small toy go as well. It is the creative toy for children and intricate machine art for grown-ups and young at heart. The perfect gift for any occasion, be it for a Birthday or Christmas!

History of Wind Up Toys

Wind-up toys date far back into history, into the 15th century. Karel Grod, a German inventor, created some of the first wind-up toys, including a metal fly and a mechanical eagle. Also, in 1509, Leonardo da Vinci created a wind-up lion as a greeting for Louis XII in Italy. Wind-up toys were at first for only royalty, and were much more elaborate, with a very complex system of gears and springs. Rene Descartes also created a life-sized wind-up human girl to prove a theory that all animals were very complex machines. However, as legend goes, the mechanical girl was thrown overboard after a man was frightened by it.

After the much larger, elaborate wind-up machine art declined in interest, wind-up toys were created very cheaply and in very large numbers by the 1800s. Wind-up machines then became known as wind-up toys, and were designed in all different forms to move around.

Source: Wikipedia

Chico Bicalho - Creator of Kikkerland Wind Ups
Chico Bicalho - Creator of Kikkerland Wind Ups

Chico Bicalho

The Creator of Kikkerland WindUps

Chico Bicalho was born in Rio de Janeiro and studied at an elementary school where the football field had trees throughout, because the school was against cutting them down. Later he moved to Petropolis, RJ, an area surrounded by the South Atlantic tropical rainforest.

He believes in having a spiritual life, in freedom, and in peace; supports the theory that the earth is one living thing and feels that humans should understand nature, live with nature, and be equal to nature; received a BFA in sculpture from RISD and MFA in photography NYU; since 1995 has been working with a group of friends on reforestation projects replanting native South Atlantic tropical rain forest trees.

Chico lives in Rio with his wife, a graphic designer/industrial designer called Isabella Torquato. He wants to keep traveling, making art, and planting trees.

Kikkerland Wind Ups

Kikkerland Wind Ups are my favorites, mainly due to their modern and creative range of designs. They are amazing and fun to watch, work great as gifts too!

The following Kikkerland WindUps that you're about to see, are the ones that stood out from the pack. They either have the most life-like characters or the most fun factor to them. To see more of these cute little toys in action, head on down to "Wind-Up Toys".

Awika! WindUp

A rough, rugged wind-up, Awika will climb its way over anything in its path (as long as it's not too high). Just wind it up and leave the rest to mighty Awika. One of the fine Kikkerland wind-ups brought to you by Chico Bicalho.

Bonga WindUp

The wind-up toy has gone through many changes in its brief history over the last few centuries but things have really begun to snowball as of late! Bonga is the perfect evidence of this. His unique body structure makes him a capable climber and an intriguing indicator of what lies ahead.

Katita The Hero WindUp

Need a little excitement? Need to be rescued from your humdrum existence of cubicle life? You need a hero! And that hero is Katita, an amazing wind-up that is sure to shake up your dull life!

Katita was named after a female dog in Rio. She became a national hero in Brazil after saving the life of a three year old boy that was being mauled by two vicious pit bulls. She was badly hurt after fending off the beasts, but survived. This Product is homage to the courage of Katita.

LePinch WindUp

Le Pinch signifies the ushering of the next generation wind-up toys. The legacy of his ancestors has been leading to this moment and the culmination is that of one near perfect wind-up with a gait that is nothing short of lifelike.

Le Pinch was designed in collaboration between Chico Bicalho and his wife, Isabella Torquato.

Mxykikker WindUp

This WindUp comes with a trick question. What has eighteen legs and crawls over everything?

No, not you nieces and nephews who you volunteered to sit for while your siblings take a vacation. It's Mxykikker WindUp, the weirdest wind-up with the coolest, creepy crawly characteristics you've ever seen.

Sparklz WindUp

Not quite a Roman Candle on wheels, Sparklz is still quite an exciting mobile pyrotechnic achievement. I've kept this for last as Sparlz is so far the cutest wind-up I've seen. Wind him up and watch him go as a trail of sparks flies off from behind!

We've come to the end of Wind-Up Toys For The Young And Old. Hope you've enjoyed! :)

Do join in the poll below to vote for your favorite WindUp!

And remember to check out "Wind-Up Toys", if you'd like to see more of these cute designer toys.

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