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Winfun Animal Sounds Train

Updated on June 20, 2014

This toy train was a gift by our neighbors for my son's first birthday. From the time that he could walk, my son has taken a special fancy to this toy train. The train has two smaller front wheels and two larger back wheels.It is a  pull along toy for toddlers. He used to pull it along with him everywhere with an amused expression. In his mind he thinks this is the smaller version of grandpa's car. He is yet to know the difference. The toy is battery operated. The battery has a secure lock with a screw, so there is no harm of the toddler opening it and doing something unpleasant.

The train has two levels of volumes that can be adjusted. As it is pulled along, it gives out the sound of an actual train while light flickers on top of it. The light goes off when the toy comes to a stop. When the toy is switched on there is a welcome music after which an automated kid's voice says, 'Hello, Come play with me.' Similarly when it is switched off the voice says, 'Bye Bye'.

On top of the toy next to the light there are four buttons denoting the numbers 1,2,3 and 4. When each of the button is pressed, the automated voice calls out the number. On the sides and back of the toy there are various animals depicted. When these are operated, the corresponding animal sound is heard. The animals include a duck, sparrow, Horse,cow,dog,cat, sheep and frog.

The train is painted in attractive colors of yellow, red,blue, green and orange and resembles a miniature train. For a toddler this toy is a great gift as there is much room for their exploration. My son can now identify the animal sounds and show them correctly when I say a random animal name. It is compact and is easier for toddlers to carry it around. The edges are all round, making it a great toy for safe play. It is a combination of touch, sight and hearing exercises for a toddler as this is the age when they get well acquainted with their surroundings. 

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Every kid has a toy that they believe is their best friend, that they believe communicates with them, and they imagine it being alive, their toy horse or car or whatever it is.

- Henry Selick

What is your kid's favorite toy?

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    • tazzytamar profile image

      Anna 3 years ago from chichester

      This looks like such a great toy for kids! My son is six months old and at the moment he adores his lettersaurus toy - he also loves books, though they spend more time in his mouth than being read haha! Great lens!