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Harry Potter Witch's Hat

Updated on October 25, 2017

Harry Potter Witch's Hat

UHC Harry Potter Mcgonagalls Witch Hat Movie Theme Halloween Party Accessory
UHC Harry Potter Mcgonagalls Witch Hat Movie Theme Halloween Party Accessory

If you are looking for a witch's hat, go to an expert. Harry Potter may be a boy witch, but he knows how to shop.


I love witches hats and have many of my own. They are the classic symbols of a witch's independence of thought and the freedom to do as they will. Every woman and girl should own a couple of them. When you put on the hat, your thoughts start changing, moving and wriggling around as though they had a mind of their own. Your thoughts become free and lofty, scary and right. You begin to wonder how you've lived so long without this sacred knowledge contained within the witch's hat.

The witch's hat is quite distinctive yet also classic; it is flamboyant yet earthbound. This simple hat is a connection to all the ancient ones, their beliefs and their religion. These beliefs and religion continue today in many forms. The most important belief is freedom of thought.

This witch's sorting hat via Harry Potter is great. It's got a little slouch that gives it a bit of an attitude. But it is not a highfalutin feeling; this hat is much more earthbound and working class. It has an everyday feel to it which is very comfortable and comforting. No wonder I find it so appealing! It's my family history contained in one little hat.

It is important to remember that witches are really just like other people - some of them are flashy and like to flash the bling around and others are playful and inclined to happy mischief when they are being good citizens. But be careful when they are being a little bad.

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