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Wolverine Comic 1 Value

Updated on September 22, 2014

Wolverine Comic #1 Value

"I'm the best at what I do, Bub!"

Are you going into bezerker mode wondering what the Wolverine Comic #1 value is? If so, this is the place to learn exactly just what your Wolverine #1 comic value is and at what grade.

This lens showcases the very first issue of the beloved 1982 debut limited series written and drawn by the X-Men fan favorite writer Chris Claremont and comic artist legend Frank Miller.

If you haven't yet grabbed this issue, or the entire 1-4 series as a matter of fact, I'm going to explain just why you should seriously get on the ball and think about doing so in this lens.

Why Is This Particular Issue Valuable?

A Little Wolvie History

There's no doubt that once the character Wolverine hit the pages of the X-Men in Giant Sized X-Men #1 in 1975, as well as X-Men #94 (Vol 1), the little runt mutie quickly became a fan favorite within the X-Men comics. Actually, his character became so popular that Wolverine is the cash cow for the X-Men comic book and movie franchises.

Not until 1982 did the first self-titled Wolverine comic issue come out. Though it was only a 1-4 issue limited series, this particular series is now a beloved and fan favorite story from Wolverine's many story arcs.

It was about time the folks at Marvel gave Wolverine the spotlight in his own series. He, obviously, deserved it, and fans had been asking for it for so many years. It's no surprise that when this comic first came out it was a hit and it's still beloved by so many fans for obvious reasons.

I remember when this comic first came out when I was a kid. I was hugely excited that Marvel finally put out a self-titled Wolverine series, even though it was only four issues. I remember, I bought this issue with my lunch money and it only cost 60 cents at the time.

Of course, being a kid, I read the thing front to back multiple times, so I didn't keep it in very good condition. However, if I hadn't of read it when I first bought the issue and just bagged and boarded it, that comic would be at least a VF/NM or a low Near Mint 9.2.

Not bad for a .60 cent investment that would've fetched me around $60 to $75 today, but it's a shame that I didn't know much about comic grades or keeping my comics in great condition at that time. However, I did learn pretty quick with the other comics I would soon later buy.

Many comic fans have been scouring and searching to add this particular comic issue in their comic collections for nearly 3 decades. It's still one of the most sought out Copper Age comics out there.

Wolverine #1 Values

What's It Worth

Like all comics, the value of this issue greatly depends on what grade your particular comic is at. Not all comics are Near Mint, and it's best that you know how to grade or at least follow the grading guidelines in the Over Street Comic Price Guide. As you will soon see, knowing your grade can mean all the difference in the world as to what your Wolverine comic #1 value is:

Near Mint (low): $75.00

Very Fine: $34.00

Fine: $15.00

Very Good: $10.00

Good: $5.00

Most recent 2013-2014 Overstreet Values:

Near Mint (low Near Mint 9.2) - $ 75.00

Very Fine - $ 31.00

Fine - $ 15.00

Very Good - $ 10.00

Good - $ 5.00

Very Fine has gone done in value from last year, but all other grades did not budge. Strange since The Wolverine movie was based on this story arc. In my personal collection I have a PGX 9.8 graded copy of Wolverine #1, issue #3 at the same grade, and another complete set with all four issues at a high grade of VF/NM. It's worth to get these books at higher grades, for they will be more rare and sought out.

Why Get This Issue Now?

Three Words: The Wolverine Movie!

Okay, so they aren't calling the new Wolverine movie a sequel. It's a stand a lone and apart from the Wolverine: Origins flick. There's also rumors that the filming of the new Wolvie movie, simply titled "The Wolverine" will also be filmed in Japan!

What does this mean? It means that the new Wolvie movie is going to be highly borrowing from Claremont and Miller's Wolverine limited series Japan story arc. Because of this fact, the demand for this particular series is going way up.

That's why it's best to get this particular issue now, before the demand skyrocket's the value for these comics. Okay, so the wolverine comics value will make the first issue rise in value more than issue 2, 3, or 4, but these other issues will rise as well. You can count on the entire series being sought after.

Will it matter if the movie completely bombs? Not really. The hype is already hitting the comic world about this movie, and the demand (especially for Wolverine #1) for certain Wolverine comics is already beginning to buzz.

The truth is that a collector should've gotten this comic book when the first movie - Wolverine: Origins - went into production. So if you don't have this issue, or series, yet, consider yourself not quite on the ball as you should be if you're a comic collector or investor.

Wolverine 1982 Limited Series Issues 1-4

Here are the covers to the complete 1982 Wolverine 1-4 limited series...the very first solo title featuring everyone's favorite mutie, and reuniting the classic and legendary writing and drawing team of Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.

Like I mentioned earlier, it's the story in this limited series that the new Wolverine movie will be based upon. Oh, yes, and in case you didn't know yet, the Silver Samurai is the villain, so expect epic battles of claws shredding and grinding against samurai swords!

Other Wolverine Comics You Need To Consider Grabbing!

Smart Investment Choices

Yes, you should try to get the complete Wolverine four issue limited series, and at the highest grades possible. Copper Age or Modern Age books have a lot of high grade books of a particular issue floating around. Getting these comics below a Near Mint 9.2 isn't really a great investment choice, and the grade of your books will greatly determine the total Wolverine comics value in your collection.

The second issue I recommend highly is the Wolverine comic #1 from the 1988 ongoing series. Although, I'm not suggesting that you get a Near Mint 9.9, it would not hurt the value of your collection if you happened to have the dough to get this comic book at such a high grade.

The photo is a 9.9 CGC graded book, but it's part of the SS, Signature Series, which means that someone important (an artist, or writer, or Stan Lee) who was involved with the book signed this particular high grade copy. Expect to pay mucho bucks for a high grade Signature Series comic.

Like I said, you don't have to get a CGC graded copy for any of the Wolverine limited series issues or even the first issue to the ongoing series, which is Volume One, by the way. A high grade, unslabbed book can suffice. As long as it's high grade. I do not recommend anything below a Near Mint. The lowest grade for any of these issues is a Very Fine minimum.

Places To Buy The Wolverine Comic 1

On The Hunt

You can always check your local comic shop for this particular issue, and they will probably have a high grade copy for sale. However, there are other options on places you can hunt down this bad boy.

Online comic shops such as NewKadia are great places to get comics and get huge discounts as well. Out of all the places online, I prefer NewKadia. Right now there is a copy of the Wolverine comic #1 at a Very Fine Plus grade for sale. They also have issues 2, 3, & 4 in stock. You can great discounts at NewKadia so it's wise to click the link to check them out.

They also have Wolverine comic 1 from the 1988 ongoing series at NewKadia as well. The condition of this comic is at a Low Very Fine, so if the comic is in your price range...remember they have discount coupons to get you an even better deal...then it's worth snagging it there. also has the Wolverine 1982 limited series 1-4 issues all in stock. However, they are a bit pricer than NewKadia and the grades are higher at a whopping CGC 9.8 of Wolverine #1. You can check out their Wolverine comics by clicking the link if interested. is my absolute last alternative, and that's because so many people selling comics there don't know how to grade. They overgrade their books and the next thing you know, you overpaid for a comic that was advertised as Near Mint but in reality a low Fine. Or, even worse, a Very Good Plus.

I'm very reluctant to buy comics on ebay, but if I do, you better believe they'll be CGC graded already. I won't buy comics for my own collection on ebay unless it's CGC graded, so I know exactly what I'm getting.

Like Investing In Comics Other Than Wolverine?

For Die-Hard Comic Collectors And Investors Only

It's true that certain comic books can be a great investment if you know which comics to get and why. So many start collecting comics and they are mislead into buying just junk, hoping that someday their collection will be worth a lot of money.

I had to learn the hard way about collecting comics and how to truly build a collection that was valuable. If you're looking to invest in comics or already a seasoned comic collector, visit my blog Total Comic Mayhem.

My blog is a fun place all about comics, comic movies, as well as which comic books to get, why to get them, and why they'll continually go up in value. Total Comic Mayhem will also help you in your hunt for certain comics by pointing you to places that are selling them.

Just click the link to visit Total Comic Mayhem. You'll also see even more Wolverine related comics that every smart comic book investor should consider getting. So know you know the question to "What is the Wolverine comic #1 value at?" come on down to my blog, see what else is cooking on the comic market, and just have fun geeking out like me with other comic book lovers.

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      Eric 3 years ago

      I have a full set of Wolverine 1-4 I want to sell. Where do I get them graded to sell?

    • AstroGremlin profile image

      AstroGremlin 4 years ago

      Years ago my friend got a hold of an early Comic Book Price Guide and we marveled that a single comic could be worth more than a $thousand. We thought it was exciting but crazy to pay such a price. Little did we know.