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Wonderworld Toys

Updated on June 28, 2011

Wonderworld and Softwood Toys

Welcome to our information page on Wonderworld & Softwood Toys. Wonderworld are one of my favourite manufacturers of high quality wooden toddler toys. On this page you'll find a background and history of Wonderworld Toys (who also produce toys with the brand name "Softwood".), as well as a run through of all our favourite Wonderworld products. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to vote for your favourite Wonderworld toy in our poll, and if you're a fan, say 'hello' on our guestbook too.

So why do I like Wonderworld Toys so much? Well, they were one of the first toy brands to find their way onto the shelves in our little toy store when it opened all those years ago. Also, as our shop has grown, they are one of only a very few of those early brands still around. The reason is - my own kids. There's hardly a Wonderworld toy we sell, that my own children didn't have when they were little. To put it quite simply, everything they make is great - I haven't come across a bad product in either the Wonderworld or Softwood ranges.

Add to that, the company ethos (more on that below), and you'll see why I think Wonderworld is one of the world's best toy manufacturers. Please don't be offended if I've missed your favourite on this page - I've had to leave out tons that I love and this page could easily have been ten times as long.

Featured Wonderworld Products 1 - Mini Vehicles

These are sensational - I love Wonderworld Mini Vehicles. These are tough, tough wooden toy vehicles for little hands. Suitable from 18 months plus, we got several for our house. Two children, several years and a whole lot of boisterous play later and they still look exactly like they did when they came out of the box. If you want robust toy cars with bags of play value, then these are hugely recommended.

Amongst many fine retailers, Bus Stop Toy Shop, the creators of this guide to Wonderworld Toys stock Mini Vehicles. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can find Wonderworld Mini Vehicles here.

Alternately, if you live in the United States, you should all the Wonderworld mini vehicles you're looking for right here on this page:

Wonderworld Toys - Neo-Trike
Wonderworld Toys - Neo-Trike

A Brief Background to Wonderworld Toys

Rubber has long been one of Thailand's major exports with a typical rubber tree able to be farmed for rubber for 25 years. The question had long been, in a poor country, what to do with old rubber trees, both from an economic and environmental point of view. Amongst many superb innovative businesses, Wonderworld Toys came into being. The idea being to create beautiful toys from leftover wood, immediately replanting new rubber trees in their place. Environmentally sound and creating vital employment into the bargain.

Wonderworld put a massive amount of effort into creating stunning toys with both entertainment and education in mind for children from birth to six years old. For over 20 years, Wonderworld have exported wooden toys of the very highest quality throughout Asia, The Pacific, Europe and the United States. Safety is paramount, with every toy designed to meet or exceed the safety standards of the USA, EU and Japan.

The design process for every single toy created by Wonderworld is an exhaustive one. From initial design, prototype products are extensively tested by children, with the tests studied, learned from and design modifications made as a result. Each toy will go through many iterations of this process before finally being given the Wonderworld Toys stamp of approval. That's why they're all very special indeed.

Featured Wonderworld Products 2 - Building Blocks

One of the essential childhood toys is a good set of building blocks. With Wonderworld, you get a wide variety of block sets to choose from. The favourite in our house was the ABC Touchy Blocks. Sometimes you can't beat the basics and this set is just that - 26 multi-coloured, letter and picture-covered wooden cubes. They'll provide building fun and extend through to learning letters and first words.

But hey, don't let me influence you. Every set of blocks made by Wonderworld is great and a superb gift choice for a little person. If you live in the United Kingdom, Bus Stop Toy Shop, the creators of this guide, amongst other fine retailers, stock a range of Wonderworld building blocks, which you can find here.

Customers from the United Stated can find everything they're looking for below:

A Few Videos About Wonderworld..

If you'd like to find out more about Wonderworld Toys: their ethos, their company, their manufacturing process, etc, then these videos are highly recommended.

Featured Wonderworld Products 3 - Roleplay Toys

As we all know, stimulating early roleplay imagination in children is hugely important. Wondwerworld Toys produce a range of superb roleplay toys which do just that - from kitchens to workshops and loads of other great stuff besides, these are all excellent choices of toy for the developing and growing child.

Vote for Your Favourite...

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Even More Wonderworld...

Still hungry for more great Wonderworld Toys? Look no further.

If you love Wonderworld Toys too, tell us about it. Do you have a favourite from the range? What do you think we should cover as a featured item next? Just want to say 'hello'? That's great too - we'd still love to hear from you.

All comments are approved first and normally appear within 24 hours. You don't need to register or give any details to comment - everyone's welcome.

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