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Find The Perfect Wooden Wendy House

Updated on September 6, 2014

Wooden Wendy House - Delight Your Kids

Every little girl's dream is to own a wooden wendy house.

Have you ever found your children turning a portion of your home into their own little playhouse? They've got their kitchen sets here and their dolls there, soon enough their toys begin to invade your entire house.

Well now you can hone all that playful imagination into one single wooden Wendy house. With a wooden Wendy house, they now have their own space to do what they want and your home can be free of children toys.

A wooden Wendy house is just another name for a playhouse. It's based off of the house that the Lost Boys had built around Wendy when she fell to the ground in Never Never Land, in the story of Peter Pan.

It was small and made of wooden, just like the playhouses of today. Now wooden Wendy houses have made their way into the toy industry as a mainstream product.

These are the most adorable replicas of real homes that you can purchase. If you want to surprise a little girl with the best gift of all time, a little wooden house is exactly what you buy.

These wooden playhouses come in a variety of styles and every little girl dreams of playing in one. Her whole life she is going to remember playing in her wooden wendy home in the backyard.

A wooden wendy house is a durable small home for children that looks just like a real house. Even adults want to live in the wooden wendy house; it's that awesome. Find the perfect wooden wendy house on sale for your little girl. Give a little princess you know the little wooden dream home she will adore the rest of her life.

The Fun Of Wooden Wendy Houses

There are many different styles of Wooden Wendy House. But a lot of them have similar features such as a door that can open and shut, windows that can open and close, and a four walled structure with a ceiling and a floor.

They're built from strong, weather resistant materials and wood. Since these houses are meant for the outdoors, they need to be able to withstand natural elements such as rain, sleet and snow. The structure is made to keep all those elements out of the house so that the contents inside can stay dry and secure.

They're often painted on the outside with bright colors to resemble little houses. These playhouses also have roofs and sometimes little window gardens.

A lot of these houses are generally built with a single story. This is the most basic design for a wooden Wendy house. Although there are some variations that are more multifaceted with up to two stories, multiple rooms, and much more windows.

They can also be elevated and raised off the ground for a more grandeur appeal. Some additional features would include a ladder to access the many different levels, a deck with railings, a front as well as a rear entrance, and a more detailed exterior.

Sometimes actual shingles are used for the roof as well as double pained glass windows. You could even build an adjoining slide or swing set to the house for more functionality. These playhouses can easily turn into any child's dream house, and maybe even some adults.

With so many great features and ample space, children can easily spend hours playing in their little houses. They can pretend to be teachers teaching a classroom, play house and pretend to be the mom of many stuffed animals, or even reenact famous stories like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. With just a little creativity and imagination, a wooden Wendy house can turn into a theatrical production.

Any child would love their own little house to play in. Wooden Wendy Houses are the perfect size to accommodate all sorts of imagination and can teach your children about independence and responsibility. It's truly a toy in which the benefits outweigh the cost by a ton.

Wooden Wendy House Guestbook - Have you purchased a Wooden Wendy House?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens! Love all the different styles you have here :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love wendy houses so much fun.

    • CrossCreations profile image

      Carolan Ross 

      6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      SO cool! My kids are grown but I'd like one for myself! Never knew these were called a 'Wooden Wendy House'.


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