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World of Warcraft: Making gold at any level.

Updated on May 10, 2012

You, yes you! Can make gold at any level!

That's right, you can make a decent amount of gold at any level. There should never be a reason why you are stuck unable to get your mount or those new shiny bags, due to lack of funds. But first things first! This is not a farming guide to making gold. There won't be any endless grinding, or hours of camping rare pet vendors or items. The key to making gold at any level is attention to detail and making a few new habits along the way.

Now first off I would like to say that there are several add-ons out there that will help you both track your profit and maximize your use of the Auction House. Personally I like to use both Titan panel and Auctioneer when I play. What add-ons you choose to use, if any, is up to you. Secondly here are a handful of bad player habits that I'd like you to think about.

Do you do any of the following?

  • Trash items when you run out of bag space
  • Run past gathering nodes, even low level ones (herbs, ore and skinning)
  • Vendor items without checking the Auction House
  • Skip out on doing your dailies
  • Skip looting corpses
  • Have no professions

If you checked off one of the above, you could be missing out on some extra gold jingling in your bags. If you picked out two or more, you could have huge gaps in your gold flow. Here is the breakdown as to why you are missing out.

Trashing items (deleting them):

  • Rarely do you want to do this. At low levels every copper and silver count. A grey item may be worth one silver and it may not seem like much. However when your skills cost a few silver each, you may be wishing that you kept them to sell to a vendor. Even at level cap you're still looking a upwards of one gold per item depending on the drop. For items other then common trash drops, you could be throwing away quite a bit more money. Depending on the market items used for crafting can fetch quite a profit in the Auction House. Hold on to everything and head back to town when you're bags are close to filling.

Passing up gathering nodes:

  • My farming instincts are crying on the inside. Low level, high level and all the levels in between, herbs, ore and leather are sure to sell at any level. Yes, low level players stand to make a large profit from lower level materials, because alot of higher level players do not want to spend their own time going back to farm the low level stuff. So if you find yourself questing and see those nodes pop up, go for it. All it is, is free gold lying on the ground.

Vendors items before checking Auction House:

  • Here is where your largest profit margin is going to come from. Picking flowers, ore, leather, even finding uncommon and rare gear, you stand to make a large amount of gold from posting on the Auction House. This is where I recommend the Auctioneer add-on, the ability to see trends in the market for your items will greatly increase your gold income. Always check to see what the going price is, with auctioneer you can see how far above or below the market price your competition is and post your items accordingly. Once you post your items all you have to do is wait and watch the gold flow.

Skipping out on your dailies:

  • Everyone can do the cooking daily and fishing daily, as long as you grabbed those professions of course. For low levels, running around your main city to do the dailies is a good jump on both experience and money. They often do not take a large amount of time and you get some guild experience to boot! Those of you high level players shouldn't be skipping out either, especially the dailies that offer faction reputations. Often there are packs of daily quests bunched together in the zone, making the killing fast and the gold flow.

Skip of looting corpses:

  • Never, never do this. I know it does slow down your killing some times, but you never know what will pop up when you open that loot table. Could be epics, could be that one piece of gear that people love for transmorgification. One simple body has the possibility of netting you alot of money.

Having no professions:

  • Yes, I've seen it happen. People running around with no professions. Or worse, people only grabbing crafting professions and wondering why they are having such a hard time making gold. Now, if you plan on being a top end raider with all the gizmo's and doo-dad's then I know maxing the top professions is a good thing for you! However for low levels and for making money, you need to think about which professions you want to do and why. Every profession has the opportunity to make some gold. Two gathering professions is good. Or a gathering and a crafting is great too. Also don't forget about those secondaries! There's money to be had in fishing, cooking and archeology.


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