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Xbox 360 Mod Chip

Updated on September 9, 2014

What is it, and should you get one?

If you want to be able to run backups of your games on your Xbox 360, then you needs to install a Mod Chip. The mod chip will also allow you to play Xbox 360 games from all over the world, as well as games downloaded from the Internet.

The modification of any part of the Xbox 360, or its games, can be seen as risky. This article has a strong disclaimer against and copying of games for them to be pass on to others, or any type of modification which would be against Microsoft terms of use. This is purely advice, which should be checked before use.

What is it, and should you get one?

by Steve Fields

As a serious gamer myself, I love to see games before they hit our shores here in North America. But more than that, I am always looking for the hottest and most unique games I can get my hands on. Unfortunately, many of those games just don't come to our side of the ocean from Japan.

Typically, since the days of the original Nintendo NES, Japanese gamers have enjoyed much more unique and often times much better games than their North American Counter Parts. I've been very fortunate to be able to play many of these Japanese games while I was living in Japan, but when I returned back home to Canada, I simply could not find many of the games that I had played with such pleasure while in Japan. So I searched and researched and found exactly what I needed to be able to just put those Japanese games into game console and really start playing again. What I found was a Mod Chip, for my Playstation console. And I've been using mod chips ever since then. Having most recently purchased and installed my Xbox 360 Mod Chip into my system - and I've got games from Japan on the way.

Let me explain. A modification chip or mod chip is a device used to play import, backup, or home brew games. Mod Chips first came into "fame" when die hard, hard core gamers who were tired of the slim offerings that were made available for them in the USA, wanted to get their hands on the often better and more unique Japanese games that were coming out for their game console.

This is nothing new, even the Nintendo NES has a device that allowed gamers to plug Japanese Famicom cartridges into their USA NES system so that they could play those really unique Japanese games, or the latest Mario offering that was only available (or came out much sooner) in Japan.

How to Take Your Xbox 360 Apart - Step by step video

What is a Xbox 360 Mod Chip?


Mod chips are available for all the major video game consoles, including the Xbox 360, Xbox, Sony PSP, PlayStation, Playstation 2 and GameCube. Almost all modern console gaming systems have hardware-based schemes which ensure that only officially sanctioned games may be used with the system and implement regional lockout similar to the scheme used in DVD movies. The specific technical nature of these DRM systems varies by system, and may include cryptographic signing (Xbox), intentionally unreadable sectors (PlayStation, Sega Saturn), custom optical media (GameCube, Dreamcast), or some combination thereof. Mod chips are available also for some DVD players, to defeat region code enforcement and user operation prohibitions.

Mod Chips first came into "fame" when die hard, hard core gamers who were tired of the slim offerings that were made available for them in the USA, wanted to get their hands on the often better and more unique Japanese games that were coming out for their game console. This is nothing new, even the Nintendo NES has a device that allowed gamers to plug Japanese Famicom cartridges into their USA NES system so that they could play those really unique Japanese games, or the latest Mario offering that was only available (or came out much sooner) in Japan.

Mod chips typically require some level of technical ability to install. Most commonly, modchips must be soldered on to a console's motherboard, although there are no-solder install kits (which instead rely on the precise positioning of electrical contacts within the case) which work with some revisions of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox hardware.

As console systems got better and better, a whole following of home brew developers starting making their own software for their consoles. Software like the Xbox Media Center (XMBC) as well as their own little games and programs to stream video and audio. But in order to play/run this software, users are required to be able to load unsigned/home brew code onto their system. This is where mod chips come in. Not only do they allow you to play the latest game offerings from Japan, which as stated earlier, are often much better both graphically and in the way of originality than the games that are for the North American market.

Mods for Your Xbox 360

Here are just a few of the addons you can buy for your Xbox 360. To see a greater range of choices, have a look at these Accessories for the Xbox 360.

What is a Xbox 360 Mod Chip?


As with any new system, and the new mod chips that first come out - we're always hit with loads of "compatibility" issues. Much like when the ps2 mod chip first came out, they had chips (different chips) for each "version" of the ps2 console. And the Xbox 360 mod chips are no exception. The very first chips that came out were for very specific "versions" of the XBox 360. First it was a mod chip for the Samsung drives. Which means that if your XBox 360 had a samsung DVD drive, then you needed to buy an Xbox 360 mod chip that worked on the SAMSUNG drive, to bypass the current firmware.

Then the Team Underdog chip came out, this chip had 2 versions. One for the samsung drives, and another one for the LG/Hitachi Drives. So again, you were "stuck" having to find out exactly which Xbox 360 you had, in order to select the right chip for your console.

Now, as with most developments in the mod chip manufacturing world, eventually, some very smart programmers and developers finally get it right. Naturally, it is common sense to assume that customers would be much more likely to buy a mod chip for their Xbox 360 is they could do away with the "version" checking, and buy a chip that they KNOW will work in their Xbox 360 console... Of course, when they take it apart after receiving their chip, they WILL have to find out which model they have so they can use the right installation directions - but they don't have to fret or worry that the chip they have purchased may NOT be compatible with their XBox 360.

Much like any product, customers want the peace of mind of knowing that what they are buying will simply just WORK, and in the case of mod chips, will work in their Xbox 360 console regardless of the version of the Xbox 360 that they purchased.

In comes the Globe 360 Xbox 360 Mod Chip. The Globe 360 is the world's first Xbox 360 mod chip that is compatible with ALL DVD Drives currently on the market! Rather than having to figure out which model drive you have, as you do with other chips, the Globe360 Xbox 360 Mod chip works in ANY drive model to date. And the home brew software that is available is outstanding - and I expect it to get a whole lot better. My Xbox already acts as a complete media center, even streaming Google Videos directly from the Internet. And my Playstation 2 has been transformed from just an awesome games machine to a DVD Player, DivX Player, MP3 Player, and streaming content directly to the console from the Internet makes it something that I could not do without.

To sum it up, if you have an Xbox 360, then you should really consider getting an Xbox 360 mod chip. Not only will you be able to protect your expensive investments by making backup copies of your own original games, and putting the originals away for safe keeping, but you'll also open up a whole new world of games that you simply would not be able to play otherwise. There are truly very unique (and playable) Japanese games that we'll simply never see otherwise. And if home brew or cool utilities, applications or add-ons are your thing, then having a mod chip is an absolute must.

Xbox 360 Modchip - The Facts

by Jason Hobbs

As the Xbox 360 is fast getting more and more popular, there will be people who will want to make the game console a more dynamic machine, so to say. Some enterprising people can do this by trying to make the Xbox 360 capable of playing backup copies of games. A new and original Xbox 360 does not allow gamers to play backup discs or copies. The game console would only play original and expensive game discs.

The purpose of having backups is to help gamers take good care of their original game title copy. When a gamer uses it into his Xbox 360 game console and play for hours and hours on end, he might be putting it at a risk of getting scratched or even toasted because the Xbox 360 has been known to be a very "hot" game console.

Due to its power and enhanced gaming capabilities, the Xbox 360 is prone to heat up when used for long periods of time. This can do some damage to the discs being used inside. Once it is damaged, there will be no other way but for the gamer to buy another original and expensive copy. But with an Xbox 360 modchip in your Xbox 360 will allow your game console to have the capability of playing backup discs so you won't have to put your original copies into any undue risks of getting damaged.

There have been claims that a modchip for the Xbox360 has already been developed. It has been known as the Globe 360. What is interesting about the Globe 360 is that it doesn't rely on any DVD-Drive firmware hack that have previously been used to get Xbox 360's to be able to play backup copies of original games.

The Globe 360 is said by its developers to be the world's very first Xbox 360 mod chip that is compatible with all DVD drives currently available on the market. No longer do you have to figure out which DVD drive model you need to have as you do with other currently available mod chips. With the Globe360 modchip, you can use it on any DVD drive model to available in the market today.

If you would like to play generic applications, Recordable DVD discs and backups on your Xbox 360 console, then there is no better chip available for you than the Globe360 modchip for the Xbox 360. Not only is this new mod chip compatible with all current Xbox 360 drive models, it is also more cheaper and is priced much lower than the various other Xbox 360 modchips on the market.

The Globe 360 modchip is plug and play compatible and does not require you to extract any drive-key from the console because it is featured with the ACTEL CPLD that bypasses the Xbox 360 drive-key check. With the Globe 360, you no longer need a lousy firmware hack just to be able to play backups on your Xbox 360.

The Globe 360 is able to retain all the original firmware of your Xbox 360. No need for any firmware-reading or flashing that may affect the performance of your game console in some way. What's more, the Globe Xbox 360 Modchip is 100 percent Xbox Live compatible and safe so you can still enjoy playing online multiplayer games without the risk of getting blocked.

If you would like more information on Xbox 360 Jason Hobbs runs 2 related websites Xbox 360 News and Xbox 360 Search Engine.

About the Author

Steve Fields is an avid gamer and writes game reviews and provides customer support for Xbox 360 Mod Chip customers at - The online Xbox Mod Chip store. He has written numerous tutorials and help guides.


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