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Xbox 360 Custom Mods

Updated on January 25, 2014

Mods for Xbox 360 Controllers and Consoles

You Can customize your Xbox 360 with all kinds of different modifications.

For your Xbox 360 system you can make the case clear and add some LED lights, extra fans for longer playing times or get a skin for it to match your style.

With your controllers you can not only customize the appearance but there are also functionality mods you can do to them like rapid fire, auto aim, and quick scope.

The lights of the LED built inside this mod change when the temperature of your gaming console changes. This also acts as a warning that you have spent too much time playing Video Games. The softer the light, the cooler is the console and the darker the light, the hotter is the Gaming console. The Picture below shows the different colors of the LED at different temperatures.

Customize Your XBOX

Is Your Xbox One of a Kind........or One of a Million

Change your controllers Led

Xbox disclaimer

Xbox mods such as rapid fire and aim bots are prohibited by xbox

Warnings, disclaimers and the main catch: Once you've modded your Xbox you can no longer use Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service. Xbox mods are not endorsed or supported by Microsoft-in fact, they void your warranty-so you do risk bricking your box and winding up the creek without a paddle. That said, I've just softmodded my Xbox using these very instructions so I can vouch for 'em. Finally, this looks like a lot of work but in reality, once you've gathered your hardware and software, the actual modding is very quick. Plus it makes you feel like a freakin' ninja. These instructions don't require you be as smart as Cortana, but you should be comfortable with networking concepts like IP address assignments on your home network, FTP and IRC.

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    • profile image

      einsteinmodz 6 years ago

      xbox 360 modded controllers..they are really cool indeed..