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Kinect for Xbox 360 + Kinect Adventures + Kinect Sports

Updated on April 21, 2012

Kinect for Xbox 360

When i first opened the Kinect box, i was amazed at how good it looked. I set it up- it is very easy: you just have to put 1 plug in a plug socket and the USB cord into the xbox.

Kinect comes with 1 free game, Kinect Adventures. It is compatible with a lot of games, including Forza 4.

Aswell as enabling you to be the controller in games, you can also video chat with your friends. (You arnt just the controller in games, but also in the main menu.) It also has voice recognision, which i was suprised actually works quite well!

Kinect Sports

Kinect sports is my favourite game for Kinect. It includes; Boxing, Football, Bowling, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis and Track and field. (Track and field includes running, herdles, discus, long jump and javelin).

The football is by far the best part of the game for me. It does not involve running, which is done automatically (a bit like the tennis on wii sports), you just tackle and choose where to kick the ball.

The only game that dissapointed me was the table tennis- the kinect sensor struggled to keep track of my fast moving arms.

It also includes party mode, which requires 2 or more people. You are split into teams and compete at events. You get points for 1st, and after so many events a winner is found.

Aswell as this, there is a mini games section which includes penalties in football (you can be goaly or shoot), table tennis rally amongst many other games.

Another nice touch is that when you get to certain levels in the game (you get points for playing that add up), you recieve clothes and hats for your xbox live avatar :)

Kinect Adventures

In one word, dissapointing. It is definately aimed at a younger audience- you complete the challenges ("adventures") to try and earn badges. The badges have things like cartoon sharks on them- not very satisfying after jumping up and down pointlessly in the games that all seem to be the same thing but with a different background.

And how their version of dodgeball is an adventure, i have no idea.

But oh well, its free :)

Do you have kinect?

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    • ndemarco profile image

      Nick DeMarco 6 years ago from Jessup, PA

      I'm not a big fan of X Box stuff, I've just seen too many problems with their products, but I will say that the Kinect is a pretty good invention that may see improvements in the coming years. I can't say this article will make me go out and buy one, but it was very informative and honest, two things all good hubs should be. Great job!