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Xmas Presents And Tips

Updated on August 17, 2010

Xmas presents and gifts for the family and friends should be a time of joy, but if you don't know what to choose it can be a very stressful time indeed. Christmas time is time spent with family and friends and once the big day comes around worrying about presents should be the last thing on you mind. On the other hand if you have prepared all presents before hand not only will you be free of any unnecessary stress but it will be a glorious day for all who are there and they day should be a day of social harmony and joy. So here's a few Xmas present ideas and tips on choosing the right gifts that will sure to make them smile.

Choosing a present for the Kids

Is your child active or non-active this should give you a clue on what Christmas present to get them, if they love the outdoors well then get them a swing ball set or a trampoline something to get them active and release all that energy. On the other hand if the tend to like the indoors then something educational should be considered such as a board game or art-set , just make sure as well as keeping them busy it will also stimulate their minds as well. Just find out first hand the type of present that will fit your child's needs and make them happy that you brought the right one, as a parent this shouldn't be too hard to guess.

Make a whole day of it , it may take you that long to even find a few presents for the family. Check out your local news paper and pamphlets for discounts on gifts, At this time of the year there are plenty of stores selling stock at discount prices , be diligent and shop around don't confine yourself to one store. You never know until you shop around for the best bargains. But if you have money to burn then just go for it.

Gifts for the man in your Life:

Christmas presents for men should be pretty easy if you've known him for awhile and know pretty much all his likes and dislikes. Does he like music, then buy him a portable walk-men or CD player, or does he like outdoor activities, then the most common one is a fishing rod set, does he seem to loose stuff, well in this case a beeper that you can be attached to his things can be a good idea or is he a deep thinker, then get him books that will stimulate his mind. With all things considered you should be able to come up with the perfect gift. We all tend to stereo type men and automatically get them things such as fishing equipment or the latest car magazine or tools to keep them busy in the outdoor shed, but at the end of the day choosing something only you will know will please him is the best policy.

Gift Baskets:

Cheap Christmas presents can come in the form of gift baskets, they are a great way to express your love for someone special in your life. What i like about this idea is that depending on what the person likes you can just add it to the basket, weather it be a cooperate gift basket , fruit gift basket, wine gift basket the ideas are endless, simply find or purchase a cane basket with a few colored silk ribbons and start adding some small boxed gifts to it... just make sure the end result is pleasing to the eyes, it's pretty cool to know you have created the gift yourself and it comes straight from the heart.

Make A Simple Gift Basket


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    • Shaunelle Tansy profile image

      Shaunelle Tansy 

      9 years ago from a galaxy far far away

      Here's a tip for buying Christmas presents: Don't fall into the trap of believing you have to outdo whatever you bought last year. I did that for about 6 years in a row with my kids, and it ended up getting ridiculous. I spent a lot less on presents last year, and concentrated more on getting something that matched their personality.


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