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Yoville on Facebook: Cheats, Tricks, and Tips

Updated on July 18, 2011

Types of Yoville Currency

Yoville uses two forms of currency, Yocoins and Yocash.

Yocoins can purchase anything from food for energy to clothing and furniture. However, not all things can be bought with Yocoins. Yocash allows players to purchase certain elite items like Mansions, radios, and music tracks.

You can work at the Widget Factory every 6 hours!
You can work at the Widget Factory every 6 hours!

Earning Yocoins at the Widget Factory

The Widget Factory is one of the main sources of income for a Yo. Every 6 hours, you can head over to the Widget Factory to earn your Yocoins. Each Yo makes a certain amount of money which is determined by the amount of neighbors they have. More neighbors means you're likely to be promoted, thus resulting in an increase in the number of Yocoins you can make each time you work.

Play Yoville Mini-games

There are many different locations on the map that allow you to win Yocoins. Payouts are usually 10 Yocoins for each win. Here are a few hints and tips for each minigame.

Remember to slow down for oil slicks.
Remember to slow down for oil slicks.

YoMoto X: Visit the Speedway and go racing! You'll go up against 2 other computer racers and the first to cross the finish line wins 10 Yocoins! Along the way you'll come across small bumps, oil slicks and huge ramps! Going too fast over bumps will make you wipe over so be cautious of that. If you're clicking your mouse while over an oil slick you will wipe out also. You'll lose a lot of time if you do this too frequently. Avoid them by just letting up on your mouse clicker while you're going over them. Huge ramps are where you can have the most fun and make up the most distance between you and the other racers. Speed up when you see the ramp and you'll go even farther.

Fishing: The fishing pier is where you get the chance to go virtual fishing. To cast your rod, hold down your clicker for a few seconds and let it go. The goal is the person with the most points wins 10 Yocoins. Points are decided by the weight of each fish caught. For this reason, aim primarily for the largest fish. Small fish under 1 lbs will not give you the points you'll need to win. Focus your efforts on Marlins and you're odds will increase greatly. Also, Each round of fishing you're given bonus bait. This bait will make it even easier to catch a big one. But be careful, A shark may come along and snap up both your bait and your catch!

Casino: Head over to the casino where you can win up to 250 coins per spin! Doesn't happen often so don't expect that. Like any casino, it's hard to know when you stop playing, so set a limit for yourself of how many Yocoins you're willing to bet and don't go past your limit. Make it last longer by only betting 1 Yocoin at a time.

Send Rock Paper Scissor Requests to Maxers to win 10 Yocoins!
Send Rock Paper Scissor Requests to Maxers to win 10 Yocoins!

Attend Maxing Parties

Yoville allows it's players to play Tic Tac Toe and Rock Paper Scissors against each other. Who ever wins, receives 10 coins, if it's a draw, both players receive 5 coins.

Using the standard method can take quite a while, so I recommend you check your events button to see if anyone is hosting a Maxing party. To do this, You're going to click the icon at the bottom of the play screen called "Events." Then change the category so that it says "Gaming." Here you should be able to locate a maxing party.

When you get to the party, you're going to need to figure out which people are maxing and which are getting maxed. Send the maxers "Rock Paper Scissor" Requests. They'll accept your request and exit the game early, meaning, they forfeit and you win the 10 Yocoins. You can win up to 200 Yocoins each day by being maxed!

You can earn up to 400 Yocoins each day by visiting neighbors!
You can earn up to 400 Yocoins each day by visiting neighbors!

Visit Your Neighbors

You can win up to 400 Yocoins each day by visiting your friends or "neighbors" and leaving them messages, dancing with them, telling them a joke or what have you. This is a great way to earn some easy Yocoins.

Just a tip, sending messages and gifts gives you the most Yocoins, sometimes up to 20 Yocoins per neighbor!

Hosting a Sale

To have a sale, you need an inventory of items that you no longer want and wish to sell. Empty a main room in your apartment or house and place all the items you wish to sell in the empty room. Before starting your sale, think carefully about the prices you want to set, because once it's started, other Yo's will rush in and immediately start asking for prices, which can be somewhat intimidating.

When someone agrees on the price you've set, you need to edit your room and remove the item they wish to purchase. Place that item back in your inventory. If you don't do this, the item will not be considered available for trade. Once you've edited and saved your room changed, click on the person and "Request a Trade." The rest is a piece of cake!

Bargain Hunting

The absolute most efficient way of earning Yocoins is to go to other players' sales and hunt for good prices. Bargain hunting is a great way to find items for much cheaper than the furniture store, saving you Yocoins. You can also purchase clothing items and home improvement items this way.

Flipping items is also a great way to earn Yocoins! If you find furniture for a great price, you may decide to sell it yourself for a slightly higher price, leaving you with a little profit. This is one of the best ways to earn lots of Yocoins.

Yocash can only be purchased through PayPal or with a credit card
Yocash can only be purchased through PayPal or with a credit card

Purchasing Yocash Via PayPal or Credit Card

Yocash can only be obtained by purchasing it through PayPal or with your credit card; However, there is a way around this. If you're not interested in putting real money into the game, you can still purchase most "Yocash" items through trading with other players who have put money into the their Yoville accounts.

If you're looking for a specific Yocash item, make sure you know how many Yocash it is. The average price equivalent is 500 Yocoins to 1 Yocash. For instance, I'm looking for a bed that costs 5 Yocash. That means if I find that bed at someone's sale, it should cost me roughly 2500 Yocoins. This applies for all Yocash furniture and clothing that is currently purchasable in the Yoville Shops.

Because you're able to trade Yocoins for Yocash items, I don't suggest putting real money into the game unless you absolutely want 1 of 2 items: 1) A specific house which costs Yocash and 2) certain premium music tracks. These items may not be traded. If you want one of these items, you have no other options but putting money into your Yoville Account.


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    • debris profile image

      debris 7 years ago from Florida

      My wife LOVES this game, I bet she would love this article. Thanks for the information I'm goin to send this over to her. You're the best!



    • profile image

      cutie lil girl aj 7 years ago

      hi ma'am ilike ur cheats thanks for help me to do it now i have 630 yocash and 5k coins tnx i really love ur cheats ma'am !!!! :)

    • profile image

      jonathan 7 years ago

      how you do yoville i like to do one

    • lauralolita profile image

      lauralolita 7 years ago from Florida

      To play Yoville, you'll need a Facebook account first. If you already have one, you can go straight to and click "Go To Application." This will bring you directly into the game. Hope this helps!

    • Jluvies profile image

      Jluvies 7 years ago from lost in my thoughts

      Interesting... My boyfriend works for zynga and does tech support for these games. lol! I'm gonna go try them out. thanks!

    • profile image

      hillbilly2  7 years ago

      how do you get to your invetory on facbook

    • profile image

      ???OOOO 7 years ago

      i play yoville a lot soo plz i eed help

    • profile image

      Vikki Farquharson 7 years ago

      Can someone please help me?? I don't know how to get more energy in yoville. And also i have been to the beach and bought like hotdogs ansd stuff but where do they go once there purchased as there not in my inventory iv been told eating these things gives you energy i just cant seem to find them. Please help!! x

    • profile image

      lucy 6 years ago

      how do i get free yo cash ?

    • profile image

      buzzraid 6 years ago from Worldwide

      Wow, one of the most in-depth guides I have seen. Seems like you covered everything even better than those selling those e-books for $30-$50 all over the net.

    • profile image

      beepbeep 6 years ago

      it really amazing

      and cool

    • profile image

      amy 5 years ago

      i luv yoville but i want free hair and yocash i play a lot i mean A lot . for yoville u should have a gym 2 get more energy . how can u be sure in the chest and mystery boxes u get yocash instead of coins ?i want 2 know ! on yoville they should have a pleading action ! lol. u shouldn't have 2 wait 6 HOURS u should go for 5mins and done energy refilled

    • profile image

      Jordan 5 years ago

      to get in your inventory you go down to the golden box/crate it'll say "inventory"when you put your cursor on it.

    • profile image

      aparna 5 years ago

      can u please tell in depth how to get free yo cash please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      maricar soriano arellano 4 years ago

      how to get back my 4,000,000,000 and my YMA redcarpet hair female blue and my retro specs and my old bow and my all stuff i have more stuff i got hack i want to back it please :(((

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