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YuGiOh - Extreme Victory

Updated on September 28, 2011

YuGiOh! 5Ds Series 2 Booster 4 - Extreme Victory

Welcome to our information page on the YuGiOh! Booster, Extreme Victory. The follow up booster to Storm of Ragnarok, Extreme Victory is the 4th in the Japanese OCG Series 7, released on February 19th 2011. It received its English-Language TCG release on May 10th 2011 as the 4th and final booster in 5Ds Series 2. On this page, you'll find confirmed spoilers for both the TCG and OCG versions of Extreme Victory (once again we were the first to publish the TCG card list online), as well as links to guides to all the prominent cards, buying information, video and plenty more besides. Don't forget to vote in our poll and give us your thoughts on the release on our guestbook too.

Extreme Victory has Junk Berserker as its cover card and features further support for Karakuri and other current archetypes. It also introduces the Tech Genus archetype (shortened to TG in the English Version) used by Bruno in the 5Ds anime, as well as the new Meklord archetype. It is the final booster in the 5Ds series and is followed up by the first booster from the new YuGiOh! Zexal generation - Generation Force. It's also been announced that Extreme Victory will feature in Wave 1 of the 2011 Collector's Tins.

The Sneak Peek events for Extreme Victory took place on the weekend of 30th April and 1st May, with Reborn Tengu as the Sneak Peek promo card.

Extreme Victory is the final YuGiOh! 5Ds booster pack and was released for the TCG on May 10th 2011, introducing the Tech Genus and Meklord archetypes to the game.

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Confirmed TCG Card List

Here's the full 100 card spoiler - source is the tournament organiser's checklist. You'll find all the prominent cards in the release are linked to their full guides:

EXVC-EN000 Reborn Tengu

EXVC-EN001 Junk Servant

EXVC-EN002 Unknown Synchron

EXVC-EN003 Salvage Warrior

EXVC-EN004 Necro Defender

EXVC-EN005 Mystic Piper

EXVC-EN006 Force Resonator

EXVC-EN007 Clock Resonator

EXVC-EN008 Blackwing - Hillen the Tengu Wind

EXVC-EN009 Blackwing - Kogarashi the Wanderer

EXVC-EN010 Morphtronic Lantron

EXVC-EN011 Morphtronic Staplen

EXVC-EN012 Meklord Army of Wisel

EXVC-EN013 Meklord Army of Skiel

EXVC-EN014 Meklord Army of Grannel

EXVC-EN015 Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk

EXVC-EN016 TG Cyber Magician

EXVC-EN017 TG Striker

EXVC-EN018 TG Jet Falcon

EXVC-EN019 TG Catapult Dragon

EXVC-EN020 TG Warwolf

EXVC-EN021 TG Rush Rhino

EXVC-EN022 Buster Blaster

EXVC-EN023 Esper Girl

EXVC-EN024 Mental Seeker

EXVC-EN025 Silent Psychic Wizard

EXVC-EN026 Serene Psychic Witch

EXVC-EN027 Hushed Psychic Cleric

EXVC-EN028 Elder of the Six Samurai

EXVC-EN029 Shien's Advisor

EXVC-EN030 Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 "Ninishi"

EXVC-EN031 Karakuri Ninja mdl 7749 "Nanashick"

EXVC-EN032 Scrap Kong

EXVC-EN033 Tradetoad

EXVC-EN034 Gladiator Beast Tygerious

EXVC-EN035 Jar Turtle

EXVC-EN036 Aurora Paragon

EXVC-EN037 Junk Berserker

EXVC-EN038 Life Stream Dragon

EXVC-EN039 TG Recipro Dragonfly

EXVC-EN040 TG Wonder Magician

EXVC-EN041 TG Power Gladiator

EXVC-EN042 TG Blade Blaster

EXVC-EN043 TG Halberd Cannon

EXVC-EN044 Overmind Archfiend

EXVC-EN045 Scarlet Security

EXVC-EN046 Red Dragon Vase

EXVC-EN047 Resonator Cell

EXVC-EN048 Resonant Destruction

EXVC-EN049 Fortissimo the Moving Fortress

EXVC-EN050 Boon of the Meklord Emperors

EXVC-EN051 The Resolute Meklord Army

EXVC-EN052 Reboot



EXVC-EN055 ESP Amplifier

EXVC-EN056 Psychic Feel Zone

EXVC-EN057 Shien's Dojo

EXVC-EN058 Runaway Karakuri

EXVC-EN059 Contact with the Aquamirror

EXVC-EN060 Soundproofed

EXVC-EN061 Out of the Blue

EXVC-EN062 Self Mummification

EXVC-EN063 Red Carpet

EXVC-EN064 Power-Up Adaptor

EXVC-EN065 Chaos Infinity

EXVC-EN066 Mektimed Blast

EXVC-EN067 Meklord Factory




EXVC-EN071 Psychic Reactor

EXVC-EN072 Brain Hazard

EXVC-EN073 Six Style - Dual Wield

EXVC-EN074 Karakuri Cash Shed

EXVC-EN075 Tyrant's Tantrum

EXVC-EN076 Debunk

EXVC-EN077 Sealing Ceremony of Mokuton

EXVC-EN078 Safe Zone

EXVC-EN079 Localized Tornado

EXVC-EN080 W Nebula Meteorite

EXVC-EN081 Vampire Dragon

EXVC-EN082 Dodger Dragon

EXVC-EN083 Mara of the Nordic Alfar

EXVC-EN084 Tour Guide From the Underworld

EXVC-EN085 Psi-Beast

EXVC-EN086 Gladiator Beast Essedarii

EXVC-EN087 Gladiator Taming

EXVC-EN088 Full House

EXVC-EN089 Psychic Shockwave

EXVC-EN090 Axe Dragonute

EXVC-EN091 Lancer Dragonute

EXVC-EN092 Lancer Lindwurm

EXVC-EN093 Elemental Hero Neos Knight

EXVC-EN094 Meklord Emperor Skiel

EXVC-EN095 Meklord Fortress

EXVC-EN096 Blackwing - Jin the Rain Shadow

EXVC-EN097 Scrap Orthros

EXVC-EN098 Naturia Eggplant

EXVC-EN099 Blue Rose Dragon

Ordering Extreme Victory in the US

Here's the current offerings for Extreme Victory sealed boxes on eBay...

Tech Genus in Video

Whether you've come across the Tech Genus archetype before or not, here's some video to help you out, mostly from TF5.

More Cool Stuff...

Just because I love it :)

About Us

This guide to Extreme Victory was brought to you by BSTS, a toy and hobby retailer based in the United Kingdom. We're passionate about YuGiOh! and are an official event location. You can browse our wide range of YuGiOh! products here.

We also write loads of guides like this one, for players and fans. You can find the main index to all our YuGiOh! Pages here.

Extreem Victory OCG Pack Design
Extreem Victory OCG Pack Design

Confirmed Japanese Spoiler for Extreme Victory

The full OCG Spoiler for Extreme Victory - all names are unofficial translations - you'll find links to our full guides for the most significant cards:

EXVC-JP001 Junk Servant

EXVC-JP002 Unknown Synchron

EXVC-JP003 Salvage Warrior

EXVC-JP004 Necro Defender

EXVC-JP005 Mystic Piper

EXVC-JP006 Force Resonator

EXVC-JP007 Clock Resonator

EXVC-JP008 Blackwing - Hiren the Sudden Gust

EXVC-JP009 Blackwing - Kogarashi the Wanderer

EXVC-JP010 Morphtronic Lighton

EXVC-JP011 Morphtronic Staplen

EXVC-JP012 Meklord Army of Wisel

EXVC-JP013 Meklord Army of Skiel

EXVC-JP014 Meklord Army of Grannel

EXVC-JP015 Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk

EXVC-JP016 Tech Genus Cyber Magician

EXVC-JP017 Tech Genus Striker

EXVC-JP018 Tech Genus Jet Falcon

EXVC-JP019 Tech Genus Catapult Dragon

EXVC-JP020 Tech Genus Werewolf

EXVC-JP021 Tech Genus Rush Rhino

EXVC-JP022 Buster Blaster

EXVC-JP023 Psy Girl

EXVC-JP024 Mental Seeker

EXVC-JP025 Psychic Wizard of Silence

EXVC-JP026 Psychic Witch of Stillness

EXVC-JP027 Taciturn Psychic Priest

EXVC-JP028 Six Samurai Hermit

EXVC-JP029 Shien's Tactician

EXVC-JP030 Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 "Ninishi"

EXVC-JP031 Karakuri Ninja mdl 7749 "Nanashick"

EXVC-JP032 Scrap Kong

EXVC-JP033 Replacement Toad

EXVC-JP034 Gladiator Beast Tegale

EXVC-JP035 Jar Turtle

EXVC-JP036 Aurora Angelus

EXVC-JP037 Junk Berserker

EXVC-JP038 Life Stream Dragon

EXVC-JP039 Tech Genus Recipro Dragonfly

EXVC-JP040 Tech Genus Wonder Magician

EXVC-JP041 Tech Genus Gladiator

EXVC-JP042 Tech Genus Blade Blaster

EXVC-JP043 Tech Genus Halberd Cannon

EXVC-JP044 Mental Over Archfiend

EXVC-JP045 Crimson Hell Secure

EXVC-JP046 Pot of the Crimson Devil Dragon

EXVC-JP047 Call Resonator

EXVC-JP048 Destructive Resonance

EXVC-JP049 Fortissimo the Moving Fortress

EXVC-JP050 Gift of the Machine Emperors

EXVC-JP051 Impregnable Machine Imperial Soldiers

EXVC-JP052 Further Movement



EXVC-JP055 Psychic Booster

EXVC-JP056 Psychic Feel Zone

EXVC-JP057 Shien's Dojo

EXVC-JP058 Karakuri's Big Reckless

EXVC-JP059 Ritual Water Mirror's Message

EXVC-JP060 Silent Wall

EXVC-JP061 Emergency Drop

EXVC-JP062 Instant God Curse

EXVC-JP063 Scar Red Carpet

EXVC-JP064 Power Up Connector

EXVC-JP065 Chaos Infinity

EXVC-JP066 Machine Megabomb

EXVC-JP067 Machine Imperial Workshop




EXVC-JP071 Psychic Reactor

EXVC-JP072 Brain Hazard

EXVC-JP073 The Six's School of Dual Wielding

EXVC-JP074 Borrowed Karakuri Storage

EXVC-JP075 Tyrant's Violence

EXVC-JP076 Revelation

EXVC-JP077 Earth Technique Sealing Move

EXVC-JP078 Safety Zone

EXVC-JP079 Local Big Hurricane

EXVC-JP080 W Nebula Meteor

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    • UKGhostwriter profile image


      7 years ago

      Great news that you are the first online to have the 100% confirmed spoiler. Fantastic lens too, well done!

    • finalfantasyxvi profile image


      7 years ago

      It's got some pretty cool cards.

    • stirko profile image


      7 years ago

      I love this game

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      All these cards are amazing![especially T.G.s] I am definetly getting a box or two of this set!


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