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Ninjago - Zane: Ninja of Ice!

Updated on January 31, 2013

Want to find out about Zane?

Great! Here you'll find EVERYTHING about Zane - The Ninja of Ice! Find out about his history, his choice of weapons, his favorite color - everything! We'll explore different LEGO Sets that have Zane in them, so you can get them for your collection! Hope you have a fun time learning bout everyone's favorite Nindroid - Zane!

Updated 31JAN2013

Zane's Early Years! - From when he was made by the Inventor...

Zane was made by the Inventor to protect those who could not protect themselves. He was taught by the Inventor to do many things, like cook, and play, and the basics.

The Inventor also built a companion for Zane, a robot Falcon. The 2 were linked together, though Zane does not find out after a while.

When the Inventor was at his last hour, he told Zane a few things, then flipped his memory switch, so he never remembered anything about what happened over the past 10 years or so. The people of the nearby villages then came to the confused Zane, and probably buried the Inventor. Zane then lived among a village for a while, not knowing anything about his past. Then it came when Sensei Wu found him...

Zane's Ninja Years! - His days with the other Ninjas.

Zane was found by Sensei Wu, as we know, at the bottom of an impossibly icy pond. Zane then was brought by Sensei Wu to the Spinjitsu Monastery. He was then trained with Jay and Cole to fight, and they were well trained in the arts of the Ninja! But they still had not learned Spinjitsu...Kai was taken in shortly after by Sensei Wu. After he was trained, they began their search for the Golden Weapons.

As we all know, they got the weapons, and Garmadon was cast in a portal. With the Skeletons defeated, and Garmadon gone, Zane was at peace. But he still did not know his past...

Free Ninjago LEGO Sensei Wu Coloring Page - Hosted by ITRAYNU

Sensei Wu Ninjago LEGO Free Coloring Page
Sensei Wu Ninjago LEGO Free Coloring Page

Zane vs. Serpentine - The Rise of the Snakes!

Zane would find out a lot about his past in the Year of the Snakes. But first, let's start from the beginning...

After Garmadon disappeared, the 4 Ninja were lazy, playing viedo games most of the time. Then, after the appearance of the Serpentine, Zane started acting weird and strange. He started acting as if he was going solo. Then, one day, he saw a strange falcon. Zane feels a connection to the bird, and follows it. The falcon leads Zane to the secret base of Lloyd Garmadon and the Serpentine. We now know that the falcon and Zane are connected, but how?

Later after the ninjas destroyed Lloyd's Treehouse Base, they return to find the Monastery destroyed by the Hypnobrai Serpentine. They blame Zane, and Zane leaves. After a long time, the homeless ninjas along with Nya, and Sensei Wu, find Zane. Zane then tells them that he followed the Falcon, and he found an answer to their problems. Zane had just discovered the Destiny's Bounty, a long-forgotten naval vessel. It became their new home, thanks to Zane.

Another occurrence is when Zane, while sleeping, has a dream about the previously discovered "Green Ninja". He finds the Falcon in that dream. Something about Zane and the Falcon...

Zane's big day came when the falcon appeared again. The four ninjas, knowing the falcon led them to good fortune, followed him. Zane follows the falcon a long time, until it leads him to some old woods, not far from the place where he was found. Note this: the other ninjas are NOT there, due to their weariness. They told Zane they would "catch up". Zane discovers the falcon is...a robot? Then Zane defeats a big, gold robot. He then enters a huge tree, and finds the falcon's blueprints. Then under the falcon plans, he finds another blueprint. This one has a minifig on it - him. Shortly after, the other ninjas arrive. Zane then shows him his controls, hidden in his torso. The ninjas say that he will always be their brother, robot or not. Zane says he can't go with them anymore, and stays inside as the ninjas leave.

As the ninjas exit, Zane finds a switch on his control panel called the "Memory" switch. He flips it, then remembers his past. Zane then leaves the tree, to find the ninjas being beat up by strange creatures called "Treehorns". Zane, now renewed and confident, defeats many of them, and then comes the Queen of the Treehorns. Zane then reaches his full potential, and glows blue. He then fires a light-blue streak that comes from himself at the Queen. The Queen is frozen, and Zane is victorious. He also is the first ninja to reach his full potential.

Finally, Zane and the Ninja defeat the Serpentine and the Great Devourer.

Zane Vs. Pirates - The Great Battle

Zane lived, as we all know, to fight against the pirates, Serpentine, and Garmadon. He took a job as a sous chef, but after an incident which involved getting fired, he put most of his effort into training Lloyd to become the one who would defeat Garmadon. Zane uses other weapons, ever since he lost his Shurikens of Ice. He uses silver shurikens, a whip, and some others.

More Coming Soon...

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