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Zoob - a construction toy

Updated on November 27, 2014

Zoob - an creative construction toy

Zoob, by Infinitoy is a truly great construction toy to rival Lego, K'nex and Zome. The creative possibilities, the ease of use and the ability to use your imagination with flexible joints is fantastic!

This lens will show you some of the models that my family has made with the set and detail the sets available.

Simple Zoob

Connecting With Zoob

Zoob is made up of 5 basic pieces each uniquely colored in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Grey. Each of the color pieces has a different function/shape.

Zoob on Ebay

Look for Zoob Bargain on Ebay! Especially now, just after Christmas, you might find some real bargains in the January Sale!

The Red Module

The red zoob piece has a ball at one end with a 'socket' at the other. With multiple red modules you can connect the ball inside the socket. It becomes a simple ball and socket joint which gives a lot of flexibility of movement. However, the dimpled ball means that the piece will stay in position (and not collapse on a large model) unless purposely maneuvered.

The Yellow Piece

The Yellow Piece has a ball at each end. However, it also has a connection midway between the balls, enabling a rod from another piece to be placed perpendicular to the rod of the yellow module.

The Green Piece

The green piece has 2 'sockets', one at each end. The sockets of pieces can join together by setting them at 90 degrees turn to each other, creating a long line of pieces. These connections are immovable, unlike the ball and socket type joints. The sockets also clip around the rods in the middle of pieces, creating a twistable joint.

The Blue Piece


The Silver Piece


Zoob Lion by my 4 year old daughter

My 4 year old daughter is creative enough to play with Zoob, but does find it tricky to connect the balls into the sockets.

Zoob models


Zome is an alternative to Zoob. It is much more mathematical and is more suitable for older teens and adults.

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