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Zoomer Tops 5 Year Old's Wish List

Updated on October 22, 2013

Since my five year old niece saw the Zoomer commercial on television all she talks about is Zoomer the robotic dog. Zoomer tops her Christmas Wish List this year as she was told Zoomer was expensive and she would need to ask for him for Christmas. She's decided that Santa will bring the dog to her if she makes the nice list this year (of course, she will). She is a little afraid that the elves may make him too big and he may not fit into our house. My niece is full of imagination. Her mother has already purchased her Zoomer (black and white version) and tucked it away for Christmas so my niece is sure to be thrilled Christmas morning when she realizes her Zoomer is regular size and does in deed fit in her the house and her playroom.

What is so exciting about Zoomer? This robotic dog has so many features that it acts almost like a real dog with none of the mess. My niece is not allowed pets because of family member allergies so this is the perfect "pet" for her. She fell in love with a friend's dog and has been wanting her own ever since. Some of the features she is excited about include teaching the dog to roller over, follow her around and shake his paw. She find the fact that he even tries to go pee hilarious (which is her new favorite word).

What is fun about Zoomer? Unlike previous dog toys my niece has owned, like go go my walking pup, this dog has personality. If she does not keep him entertained he will wander off to explore or go to sleep. This feature will keep my niece interacting with the dog because she does not like to be ignored.

What can Zoomer do?

  • The robotic dog can lay down and play dead
  • Zoomer understand 3 languages: French, Spanish and English
  • Zoomer responds to voice commands
  • Zoomer sleeps when he is board or wanders off.
  • Tricks he can do include: Shaking your paw, sitting up and barking.
  • He can wag his tail and go for a walk.
  • He can can respond to your child by following it with his eyes.

What Zoomer likes?

  • Zoomer is a playful pup and loves affection.
  • He loves when your scratch his belly or pet him.
  • He responds when your child tells them he loves them.

Zoomer Purple
Zoomer Purple

Toysrus has an inclusive purple Zoomer. My niece prefers the black and white Zoomer only because she is under the impression that the purple one can do less tricks. Not sure where she go this idea, but we are unable to persuade her otherwise. The only difference is the color. The Purple Zoomer does everything the tradition looking version does.


This video review gets into more of the commands Zoomer will follow. This video helped us learn more about Zoomer before we decided to purchase him. The only draw back to the robotic dog is that it takes a hour for you to charge him and you only get half anhour of playtime with the toy. I think this could get a little frustrating for my niece but I think the fun she will have will out way the frustration. Besides she is getting this toy for Christmas, and while Zoomer charges she may pay attention to some of the other toys she will receive; though, Zoomer will be the star of the day.


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