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Zoo Tycoon - a Family Game

Updated on May 1, 2013

Zoo Tycoon Game Help

Zoo Tycoon makes a wonderful gift for the family; a gift that will give hours and hours of fun. Whether you are looking for a new game or already a fan of Zoo Tycoon, this lens is intended to increase your enjoyment of the game. There is so much to do! Manage animals, employees, guests and deteriorating fences to maximize their happiness and your profits. Watch out for escaping lions and rampaging dinosaurs, and if you are lucky you will find a baby panda.

Challenge your "inner zookeeper" and join the players who cannot get enough of this family-friendly simulation game!

Just a couple of clicks, and you're ready to start building your very own zoo.

Zoo Tycoon is a great family game!

Buy Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection - Zoo Tycoon for Christmas

* Combines The Original Zoo Tycoon, Dinosaur Digs expansion pack, Marine Mania expansion pack.

* Let your imagination run wild as you care for more than 100 land, aquatic and prehistoric animals.

* Loads of bonus content, including a new Endangered Species Theme Pack.

* Tend to these rare animals using more than 40 new objects.

* Set-up your own aquatic show.

Koala Coloring Page

Zoo Tycoon Coloring Pages
Zoo Tycoon Coloring Pages

Appropriate for the Entire Family

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Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection

Includes Zoo Tycoon 2 and four expansion packs: Extinct Animals, Marine Mania, Endangered Species and African Adventure

Zoo Tycoon Fan Websites

You create an exhibit by walling in an area, placing animals in it, and then figuring out which foliage, shelters, and other necessities they need (green smiley faces above their heads mean that they like what you added while red indicates the opposite). A zookeeper button in each animal's information window brings up a list of its needs, and you can also research the information provided about each animal before you adopt it.

Zoo Tycoon is one of those games that can become a family event.

Kids will learn a lot about the needs of animals. "Zoo Tycoon" has something to offer even a serious gamer. On the surface it may seem easy, but there is a lot of strategy involved.

Zoo Tycoon Tutorial

Birthday Gift List

#1 Zoo Tycoon for kids

Zoo Tycoon is a game in which the player must run a zoo and try to make a profit.

Not only must you keep your animals happy, but you must also keep the visitors content. You'll have to be sure to build plenty of refreshment stands, and bathroom facilities. There are gift shops, petting zoos, elephant rides, and ice cream stands to be built also.

Zoo Tycoon Video

Zoo Tycoon Reviews

Appropriate for the Entire Family - This is definitely a game that anyone in the family can play at some level. Parents can play the game with their very young children and learn what part of the world certain animals come from. My first grade children are definitely able to construct a working zoo, although they don't yet realize the importance of things like income and expenses. Older children and adults can certainly spend many hours with this game, and since Microsoft continues to release new animals and scenery via the web, the fun you can have with this game is just about unlimited. One nice feature is the ability to run the game in a window, so those of us with real work to do can leave a zoo running in the background, monitoring the progress from time to time. Zoo Tycoon

Microsoft Zoo Tycoon 2 Endangered Species Expansion Pack

The Endangered Species Pack brings some of the world's rarest animals to your zoo and adds exotic new content for a zookeeper such as overhead views from the new sky trams or drive through exhibits in the new Jeep vehicle tours. Build bridges and observation decks for a view of your animals. There are also erupting volcanoes, new endangered species-themed buildings and scenery, and a new set of challenges and campaigns! .

Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals Demo

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    • card lady 2 profile image

      Pat 5 years ago from Midwest, USA

      @colonelle: I'm so glad to hear from you.

    • colonelle profile image

      colonelle 5 years ago

      I just love ZT. I play occasionally Zoo Tycoon to this day. Definitely my favourite and most beloved video game!

    • Lemming13 profile image

      Lemming13 6 years ago

      I have the ultimate collection, with extinct, endangered and marine animals, and I have to uninstall it once in a while so I can find time to do other things - too addictive!

    • BlenderHead LM profile image

      BlenderHead LM 6 years ago

      lol Loved this game when I was young!

    • CastleRoyLisa profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago from Rhode Island

      I like this game! great info and lens. Blessed by SquidAngel.

    • card lady 2 profile image

      Pat 7 years ago from Midwest, USA

      @chrissuard lm: Thank you for the Angel Blessing, Chrissuard!

    • chrissuard lm profile image

      chrissuard lm 7 years ago

      Great game, way better than farmville. Blessed by a Squid Angel!

    • VBright profile image

      VBright 9 years ago

      I used to be hooked on this game, and I am a grown woman! Was pleasant reading.

    • profile image

      Joan4 9 years ago

      Sounds like great family fun! Great lens!

    • mosaic lm profile image

      mosaic lm 9 years ago

      I'm lensrolling your page on my Plant Tycoon page.

    • mosaic lm profile image

      mosaic lm 9 years ago

      nice page! want to join the tycoon games group?

    • evelynsaenz1 profile image

      Evelyn Saenz 9 years ago from Royalton

      What a great lens! 5 Stars and Favored!The Awesome Pawsome Tigers stopped by to visit their cousins. They learned a lot and are sending you virtual maple syrup to pour on your waffles.