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Aloe Vera, a miracle plant

Updated on September 1, 2016

My Experience

This isn't one of those articles
copied from some medical or
beauty product tome.

This is a personal recount of
what I use Aloe Vera for.

Aloe Vera, which grows in
my garden.

The First Part of the How To

We have a certain attitude towards the plant, so politely ask it if we can cut a frond before we do so.

I will hold a glass jar in my left hand, put it down, ask permission, then cut the frond and put it into the jar to catch the first golden drops...the 'blood'.

This 'blood' is so pure and clean, you can use it in your eyes to get rid of the red.

I then peel the aloe over the jar to catch all the liquid and put the fruit, (the white flesh) into the jar. Sometimes I mash it, sometimes I don't.

I discard the thick green skin and keep the flesh and blood.


One of the immediate medical uses
is for burns. You put the flesh on a
burn, the burn heals without a scar.

You can use it on your face and neck to prevent wrinkling.

You massage it into your scalp, it is
good for the hair, and also prevents
grey. I didn't realise this until other
people, much older told me, for
they have no grey hair.

You mix it with your shampoo/body wash for it prevents dryness.

You mix it with your moisturiser to enhance its properties.

As it does have a bit of an odor, you usually buy the cheaper products
which have perfume so that the smell is obliterated.

It ends itching. So on any bug bite the first thing is to put the aloe vera.

It increases the value of the products you mix it with.


When your eyes are red or you have something in your eye, the Aloe Vera will wash it out. It doesn't burn at all. It is said to have the same ph as blood.

When you use it on your skin it really does make it smoother. On your hair it gets rid of the dryness and slightly stains the hair and naturally dyes the grey.

It has antiseptic properties so it is good on wounds. I know some one who, as a child, stepped on a nail and nothing but aloe vera was used as a poultice.

it works well on jelly fish stings, mosquito and ant bites. It doesn't work on scorpion stings.

I will use it for anything, as a first try.
Usually, I don't need to try anything else.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 4 years ago

      Oh yes. What happens is use massage it into your scalp, you use it in your shampoo, It is also supposed to make the hair thicker but I haven't experienced that.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      I didn't know aloe vera helps with grey hair. Wow. Looks like I'll be trying that one. I already try it with skin ailments like burns.