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Andropause: am I man enough to face it?

Updated on March 17, 2011

Midlife discomforts

I encountered this term when I was reading one of my paperback magazines. I was in the twenties then.

Unlike women, men cannot have the tangible evidences or indications that a person is undergoing drastic changes in physical attributes or behavior.

I’m in the late thirties now and suddenly it dawned on me that term again which will be invading my privacy, sooner or later.

Ordinary men didn’t know it before. But with the advancement of science, there are many signs and symptoms that a man is undergoing such process, just like any women..

It usually occurs when we reach the age of forty or more. Life begins at forty, so they say.

Women are known to face it just like an ordinary problem about acne and beauty regimen.They are used to having monthly periods and we all know that women are so vocal about their feelings. We can count in our fingers the instances that women are hiding their problems

Men are not as frank as their partners. Being irritable can be attributed also to diseases, like diabetes or the problem of thinning hairs, etcetera. I. myself never know the actual indication of this phenomenon among men. Experts say that if we are having low sperm count in our forties, or so, then it's time to go to your doctor for some medical advise about it.

The gradual change in physical features and hormonal imbalance are indicators of this dilemna among men. Whereas the women can accept it as they mature, but men find it hard to surrender their masculinity just like that.

Andropause is not as final as women's Menopause. When a woman's estrogen levels decline sufficiently, her menstrual cycle will cease. She will be unable to bear children. Her ovaries will not produce eggs, and her uterus will not be able to sustain a pregnancy. She truly experiences a change of life: she has changed from a fertile human to one unable to procreate.

Drug supplements

To hamper such effect among matured men, drug supplements are being advised to be taken for a better performance during intimate moments with his partner. Moderation is also advised when taking these pills due to some adverse and drastic effects that can lead to death.

Daily supplements such as vitamins and herbal medicines are also taken by both sexes to maintain the active estrogen level among women and testosterone among men. With these, they can continue enjoying their sex lives.

Let's Party

It's not the end of the world to men who are experiencing andropause symptoms. Even though we cannot talk about it in public: the erectile dysfunction, obesity, thinning hair, depression among others, there are trusted confidants that we should visit. And that is our doctors or psychiatrists.

In time like this, there are many problems in the outside world that we should face. It's not the end of our existence. Our bodies are just changing for a challenging episode in our lives: the big A. You know what I mean.

Andropause on Men in the Philippines: Not a Foreign Term , Anymore

I've watched the news announcing that a Men's Center will be annexed at the local hospital in Naga City (Bicol Philippines).

It's been a year now since March 10, 2010, when both the physicians and staff of the Urology and Pediatric Nephrology Departments were enthusiastic along with visitors from the Congress and Department of Health because of the inauguration and blessing of the Center for Urology and Men’s Health.

It is housed in a newly constructed wing just above the emergency room of the said center . With the construction of Men's Health Care Center, it will be the premier provider of urologic health care specializing in the early detection and diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

(Please also check the book at Amazon, The Andropause Mystery for your further readings.)


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    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      9 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      That's true, poetlorraine. I'm a fan of Mr. Ralwus. I like his poetry pieces.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      we know men's 'pause is not like womens they never give up ...... I mean look at Ralwus for instance..... great hub


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