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Winter Ideas To Keep You Warm

Updated on January 1, 2017
Knit cap to keep head warm
Knit cap to keep head warm | Source

Wear Cap To Keep Your Head Warm

Fifty percent of your body's heart is lost when your head isn't covered. Whenever you go outside, wear a wool or acrylic knit cap to keep the heat in. You definitely will notice the difference if your head is covered.

A cap is much better than a hat to wear because a cap can cover your ears as well.

Just as it is recommended to wear a cap to keep your head warm, wearing gloves to keep your hands warm is also a good suggestion.

Pixabay | Source

Keep Windows Clean

A simple strategy such as keeping your windows sparkling clean in winter can help keep your house warm all winter.

Spotless window glass lets in more sunlight than dirty window panes.

It takes only a little amount of time to clean your windows. As a result, you will have a warm house that will last all winter.

Keep Bathroom Warm

Hot bath water will help keep your bathroom warm in cold weather months if you leave it to cool before draining the tub.

The water will also add humidity to contribute to the comfort of your house.

Electric Blanket
Electric Blanket | Source

Use an Electric Blanket

It takes less energy to run a thermostatically controlled electric blanket than it does to maintain daytime thermostat settings throughout the sleeping hours.

Electric blankets don't cost that much these days. You can purchase one at a bargain price that will save you money by keeping you warm on cold nights instead of turning your thermostats highers.

Thermostat | Source

Lower Thermostats

For each degree you set your thermostat above 70 degrees F, you can expect a 3 percent rise in energy cost.

For most people, a comfortable setting for the day is 65 degree F. For most people, a comfortable setting for the night is 55 degree F.

Check For Air in Your House

Walk around the house with a candle in you hand on a cold windy day to see where cold air may be entering around doors and windows.

After you find where the air is coming from, cover those areas to keep the air out.

Keep Walking Instead of Standing Still

If you are outside in the cold, walk around instead of standing still. Your body produces more heat if you walk for 10 minutes than if you wait 20 minutes for a bus. Keep moving to keep warm.

Wikipedia | Source

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Use Petroleum Jelly

Before going out into the cold, rub petroleum jelly into your hands. Then put on your gloves. Hands will stay warm.

You can also use petroleum jelly on your lips to keep them from being chapped.

Most households keep Vaseline on hand anyway. The petroleum jelly has been around for 140 years. Because of its mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils, Vaseline locks in moisture and protect the skin.


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