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Bipolar Disorder: Why Diets Won't Work

Updated on February 1, 2012

The weight of losing weight becomes heavier as you try your best to follow through on your goals not each month, not each week, but each day. And sometimes it boils down to each hour and trying to keep on the target. The exercising, walking everywhere, they watch on what you eat. Eating at the appropriate time, eating the right things, all become such a daily part of if you will be successful or not that it actually starts to take a toll on you. It is almost to the point where everything reverses itself.

You look at other people who are in the body you’d like to have and start to envy them, judge them, and look at them with disdain because they have seemed to achieve something it’s taking you too long to do. Body dysmorphic disorder becomes this resounding chime in your head, leaving a sting of sadness each time you hear it. You wonder, what do bigger people feel like, and what do smaller people feel like. I’d like to walk up to either or one day and just beg for a description on what it feels like to be them.

The Endless Jog

It’s funny how the mind behaves when it recognizes something it wants or desires desperately. Life almost takes on a whole new meaning as you begin to strive after that yearning. It’s so bad how much you want it that it almost seems you’ll do anything, anything just to have it. I think about the anythings I would do to have the body I used to have and when it comes down to it, I won’t do just anything for it. I won’t take any weight loss pills and jeopardize my healthy, nor will I succumb to surgery just to risk my life. They both seem like the easy weight out (literally), but at what costs.

Psychology describes this way of viewing oneself f as a problem in perception regarding one’s physical image. I call it a problem in finding happiness. It begs the question if you were given that body or face, or nose, or legs, what would it be next? Should I really try hard to find happiness in this body first before I start chasing after another body image?

Being Happy With You

In eastern religion, for the most part, the body is not as important as the soul or the spirit. Most people say or at least recognize that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts but what’s on the inside. Well as much as we would like to perpetuate that ideal, isn’t the truth that society has pressed the issue of the body so well, that it has become what’s more important now a days. And is it so easy to stick to the aforementioned proverb when there is the daily assault of “perfect” body images strewn everywhere?

At a point where you have to believe you’ll find solace in a better body, it’s hard to imagine anything else being the solution to the so-called problem. Life has taken this complete turn right now where this problem has positioned me to question everything in regards to how happy people are or pretend to be with their body image. It isn’t hard to wonder if people consider what others think of themselves physically and do they do this all the time or a little of the time. It would be wonderful to be able to stop a person, any person, just to ask them if they are happy with whom they are. I want to hear somebody bigger than me say, I love myself, hear somebody thinner than me, scream “I WANT TO BE YOU”! Yes, when it comes down to it, that would make me feel better. Sorry to say so but that is the simple honest truth. This really means when you’re in a position where you dislike something about yourself, you feel better either knowing a person who feels the same or someone who wants to be you.

In a late realization, it is hard to know where you are when trying to lose weight. It becomes about so many other things as one pound goes off or one pound stays on. So much so that it seems to touch every aspect of your life and in a big way. Even if the weight is coming off as you’d like, it’s still there, that word, weight. So continues the burden of excercise, eating right, and finding happiness in the person you are or wish to become.


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