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Diseases of The Rich Vs Diseases of The Poor

Updated on September 10, 2015

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Prevention is always Better Than Cure

In the world today, we face many new diseases that have even to some extent obtained their classes in relation to the people they mostly affect. Some diseases have come and gone in previous centuries, some of them due to being resistant and lack of vaccines have stayed with us to date and at the same time new ones have Unfolded. Below are some of the diseases That have managed to set into the two main Classes of People i.e. The Rich and Poor.

Diseases of the Rich

1. Cancer

Cancer develops when the DNA structure of a cell is hampered or distorted due to certain environmental factors or by factors we impose on or in our body. Once the structure of the DNA is damaged, it consequently affects the normal functioning of the cells such as; Cell proliferation, Cell apoptosis, and most importantly DNA repair. Continuous exposure to these factors the higher the risk of developing Cancer.

There are various types of cancer nowadays; most of which are caused by the Sedentary lifestyle of the Rich. We find that some cancer types as well come as result of choice for some i.e. Lung Cancer. Liver Cancer due to Cirrhosis etc. These two common type cancers develop as a result of misuse of certain substances.

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer has its peak causative agent as Smoking of cigarettes. Cigarettes contain 70 known carcinogenic factors that increase the chances of a chain smoker contracting the disease. Some of the factors include; Radio-active isotope of Polonium-210, 1,3-butadiene, benzo[a]pyrene etc.

Passive smoking is another way of contracting this disease. Investigations from the CDC and other health organisations concluded that passive smoking is a greater contributor to Lung cancer and Lung related diseases since it is more dangerous than Direct smoke. A passive smoker is defined as someone whose social life is mostly around those who smoke; it can be at school, at work or even at home. Passive smoking does not choose age, sex, religion or culture anyone can fall a victim of being a passive smoker.

Marijuana smoking is also a major contributor since it doubles up the chances of one contracting the disease by 55% or more. We find that some countries have allowed Doctors to approve a certain quantity Marijuana to patients from medical personal use due to research that it has medicinal purposes. But some people interpret this wrongly and instead abuse it. They smoke it by rolling it in Cigarrete bands to mix it with the contents there; which makes it even more Dangerous. Marijuana affects the Lungs and also other Body systems like the Nervous system. It is also proven that marijuana can stay within your system inactively for over seven years especially if you are a heavy chain smoker. Cocaine also called benzoylmethylecgonine is another drug obtained from the leaves of the coca plant that many people smoke and has almost similar effects to the Lung. NOTE: This drugs are ILLEGAL in MOST Countries and are really HARMFUL our health at anytime!

Other factors that contribute to Lung Cancer include; Randon Gas, Asbestos. Randon gas when inhaled causes severe mutations that can turn cancerous. It is mostly found in Uranium rich Countries Like the US and other Eastern world countries that are oil rich and Uranium rich. In the US after cigarrete smoking, it is the second most common cause of Lung Cancer. It is obtained from the action of decomposition of Uranium.

Asbestos decomposition and asbestos exposure for a long time can cause mesotheliomas which are tumours of the Pleural membrane than covers the lung. It also causes a risk for contracting Lung cancer by 45%.

Genetic factors can cause Lung cancers as well but minimally. This is due to combination of genes; Polymorphism especially of the chromosomes 5,6 and 15. This can be passed on from generation to generation.

Other factors include; Gases such as methyl, UV radiations and some Aluminium products as well.


Lung cancer is majorly diagnosed by performing X-rays, CT Scans, MRI scans on patients and Bronchoscopy. A lung tissue biopsy could be extracted from the lung by using the bronchoscopy method or a CT guided biopsy. The tissue is then cultured to determine whether it is cancerous or not. This type of diagnostic methods I.e. Bronchoscopy and CT guided biopsy are mostly used if there are some slight deviations in symptoms related to other diseases that may cause doubts as to whether the patient truly suffers from cancer which needs to be ruled out before commencing treatment.

Why is it mostly a ''Rich Man's'' disease ?

According to proven statistics, we find that Smoking is really expensive. This is due to it being addictive. Once one starts smoking it is really difficult to call it quits. The number of packets one smokes in a day and the economics behind it is just unimaginable. Cigarrete packs cost a lot of money which many people cant afford easily or rather struggle to afford. Some addicts end up even selling the most important things they posses in order to keep their smoke pack flowing. ''Smoking is like paying heavily for your own death''. Some people begin smoking for leisure or due to influence. So in contrast; for a poor man chances of smoking are low as compared to that of a rich man because their priorities, how they spend their Leisure time and even the people they hang out with are way different compared to that of the rich man. To a great extent, this puts them far clear away from them getting an opportunity to indulge in Smoking; because their mind is channelled to other things and also at the long run they can't afford it so they better not start it.

Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer just like Lung Cancer is a common type. Its exact cause is not determined yet but the risk factors are well known. The risk factors related to this type of cancer is majorly Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis means having scars from previous damages especially to the Liver cells or hepatocytes. Cirrhosis can be caused by: Long-term heavy Alcohol Consumption, Exposure to viral diseases such as Hepatitis B or C, Inherited diseases such as Iron Overload disorder [haemochromatosis] or Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency. All these factors are a major contributor to Cirrhosis which leads to Liver cancer.

How does it a ''Rich Man's'' disease.

Owing to the previous argument on Lung Cancer, we find that with Liver cancer its the same. Many people whether rich or poor indulge in drinking activities all over the world. But we find that for a good number its an addiction. Once again too much of everything is poisonous. Due to the urge of drinking, both women and men who cant afford the expensive alcohol brands indulge into illegal and unsafe practices of brewing their on alcohol. Any type of alcohol have adverse effect on health but the difference is the effects of the cheap home brewed one compared to that bought from the shops expensively is that the home brewed one has immediate effects I.e. it can make one blind, numb and even kill. This is because it is never standardized. This is majorly a drink of the poor people. It has different names in different parts of the world. In contrast, the poor man in this case can't afford to buy the expensive alcohol and if he or she buys some cheap home made brew then it will not be for long before they ran out of money hence not affording the alcohol at all. But for the Rich man who drinks will always have Cash to purchase more and more of it. At the long run, statistics show that Many of the rich people who are Alcoholics will suffer more from the disease.


Gout is a disease caused by the presence of Uric acid crystals at the joints. Uric acid is formed as a result of the breakage of purine molecules in the body cells.They are formed on a daily basis and their excretion should be consistent failure to that there will be an accumulation in the blood causing a reaction with the Na+ component in blood hence forming Sodium urate crystals which accumulate in and around joints. This disease is mostly common with people from the urban areas especially those who live a rather chilled sedentary lifestyle. Its mostly related to the diet as a major risk factor for contracting the disease. Other risk factors include;

  • Being overweight or Obese.
  • Having high blood Pressure or diabetes.
  • Having a diet rich in purines such as meat, sardines, liver etc. [MAJOR].
  • Having a history of gout disease in the family.
  • Having a long term kidney problem that may reduce the elimination of Uric acid from the body.

NOTE: Drinking too much beer or spirits may as well increase your chances of contracting gout because these types of alcohols Have a significantly high amount of Purines In them.

A ''Rich Man's'' disease?

Gout is a bit controversial in classifying it according to its class basing it to the people it mostly affects. The reason behind it is, we have a lot of poor people who are adopting the Urban lifestyle or who are actually moving to the urban centres nowadays as compared to previous years thus making them get exposed to the risk factors of gout. Nevertheless, it is still majorly a rich man's disease reason being based on the major risk factors like diet. We find that as earlier said beer and spirits are more commonly consumed by rich people as compared to poor people and also meat, dairy and fish products are ironically mostly sold by the poor people to rich people indirectly for their consumption. Based on these facts, we know that these products contain a lot of purine molecules which break down to form Uric acid slats which is the beginning of creating a risk for contracting the disease to the people who consume them majority being the rich. We find that the poor on the other hand sell these products indirectly in bulky amounts to the rich or well off in Urban areas but most of the times they themselves never get to consume any of these products as compared to the rich hence their chances of contracting the disease are reduced consequently. Other facts to support this are; the rich hardly go fishing its the poor who do this; the rich hardly go herding cows, milk them or slaughter them for their meat its the poor who do this; The poor would rather sell most of these products to the rich in exchange for money hence making them less susceptible to the disease as much as possible.

Diseases that mainly affect the poor.


Tungiasis is a severe inflammatory disease of the skin both on the epidermis and dermis caused by a female ectoparasite known as jiggers, chigoe flea, sand flea or nigua in some countries. It is the smallest flea in the work measuring around 0.8-1mm. The flea affects mostly regions where the people live in abject poverty and mostly dry regions. The sand flea as the name suggests leaves in the sand and is rather too small to be seen by the naked human eyes. They burrow into the sand as they wait for their prey who are especially people who live in such mentioned areas.

Since the sand flea mostly thrive in arid areas, we find that such people who live in such places live in abject poverty and cant even afford footwear to protect their feet from invasion. This makes them even more susceptible to the invasion of sand fleas into their skin through the feet where they mostly attack, burrow themselves in and rely on its host for nutrition. Some symptoms include; severe pain and swelling, pruritus, general discomfort, lesions and ulceration with a black dot at the centre.

A ''Poor Man's'' disease ?

Yes definitely it is! Rich people or people who can afford are not susceptible to this disease and they are well clear of the factors relating to this disease. Not at anytime will you find most people who can afford walking bare feet in deep sand or if you do they are probably doing it just for leisure. But to the man who lives in abject poverty, he or she has no choice because its a lifestyle to them and whatever diseases comes with it they have to live with.


Cholera is a water-borne disease that is caused by bacterium Vibrio cholera. Its acute in nature and causes extreme diarrheal illness caused by infection of the intestines by the bacterium mentioned. It affects places where mostly the water can easily get contaminated which includes; water bodies such as lakes or rivers that some people use directly. Floods and heavy rains can cause a spread of the disease due to causing the river banks to burst out and easily spreading the bacterium to other places. Due to this type of scenarios we can relate to where the disease is most likely to be prevalent. Cholera has specific signs and symptoms I.e.

  • Diarrhoea that resembles rice water
  • Profuse vomiting
  • Headache
  • Rapid Heart rate
  • Dry skin
  • Thirst
  • Muscle cramps

The major and effective way for treatment is by rehydration therapies, administering antibiotics and zinc treatment,

The best way to avoid it is to make sure water is properly treated before being declared safe for use.

A ''Poor Man's'' Disease?

Definitely yes! In relation to the places where the disease is likely to occur, it definitely falls under this class. We find that the disease break out in slum neighbourhoods where the population is too much and there is one water source or even where people mostly use river and lake water daily. We find that rich people or the rather able people don't get close association with such places because they get their water from completely different sources directly to their taps well treated and healthy for consumption. Therefore it is very rare to find the rich complain of some diseases as such.

Raynold Grahams Omondi


Video on Lung Cancer

Video on Liver Cancer

Video on Gout

Video on Cholera


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