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Licensures & Regulations in Healthcare!

Updated on January 17, 2015

Regulations and Rules

According to the text, Health Care USA, “ licensure boards have done very little about ensuring continuing competence, dealing with impaired practitioners, or disciplining wayward members of their professions”(Sultz,Young,2006). So it appears that licensures boards are not completely fulfilling their purpose in equal protection for medical professionals and consumers. Furthermore, I believe that there should be stricter rules and incentives for those who abide by the rules and regulations for practicing medicine or medical procedures. I also think that maybe there should be a select group who will properly oversee the licensure boards to make sure that they themselves are enforcing rules and regulations that have been set up by each individual state.

In addition, I think that the federal and state governments should oversee the rules or regulations for practicing medicine and other medical procedures. I also think that the federal government should make sure that the public is made aware of more medical practices or medicines that have been declared illegal and harmful. In fairness the government has provided several websites where doctors and medical facilities can be reported and given a grade for the services that they provided to their patients.

Furthermore, healthcare facilities should implement all of the rules and regulations that have been established by the government for the safety of their patients. I believe that when patients see that regulations and other safety procedures are being adhered too, they will be more comfortable in receiving quality care from their physicians. Trust is a major issue for patients and consumers that are in search for quality healthcare. In addition, in light of the new healthcare reform many are in fear of being scammed by those who offer inferior healthcare services and poor health insurance. I hope that everyone in need of quality healthcare services receives it and benefit greatly from it.

Healthcare policies and rules have been set in place or implemented to help healthcare providers administer or provide their healthcare customers with quality care. Hospitals, medical clinics and other healthcare facilities must at all times maintain the guidelines set up by JCAHO
and other established organization designed for ensuring that healthcare providers along with healthcare customers are protected. So healthcare providers must ensure that their employees are avoiding the practice of discriminating against each other and healthcare customers. All healthcare providers must work together to ensure that their process of advising patients and providing quality services for them does not infringe on their rights. Healthcare patients or consumers must always be advised on what their own responsibilities are and of the responsibilities of their healthcare provider.

Healthcare administrators must make sure that there are plans, mechanism in place to deal properly deal with conflicts that may arise on their staff so that the patients who are receiving care form them are not hindered from receiving quality care. The values of patients are very important and must be protected so that if conflicts arises they can be also taken care of properly. The abuse of power among the healthcare staff must not be tolerated because this too can affect patients and how they receive their care from the facility. If there are disputes or arguments being conducted in front of the patients, then this will cause patients to want to seek care from another healthcare facility who are more professional and organized.In addition, all healthcare staff should work to make sure that all safety and confidentiality procedures are functioning properly to protect the privacy of their patients in accordance with HIPPA laws. Furthermore, there should also be procedures implemented that will be able to monitor all privacy, safety procedures and practice rules to ensure that they are running smoothly throughout the organization according to healthcare rules and regulations.

The fundamental objectives of the healthcare management are to maintain or enhance the overall quality of life, dignity and well-being for all of their patients in need of quality healthcare service.They should do their part in helping to create a more equitable, accessible, effective and efficient healthcare system. Healthcare administrators have an obligation to act in ways that will facilitate the trust, confidence, and respect of healthcare professionals and community. Therefore, healthcare professionals should lead lives that embody an exemplary system of values and ethics.


Sultz, A. H., & Young, M. K. (2006). Health care USA. Massachusetts: Jones and

Bartlett Publishers.


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