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Updated on February 18, 2013


"Grumpy old men " have been with us for as long as one can think. Whether they come in real life, through family members or people or as central figures in Television, Films and Plays, we know that, all of us can say that we have at some time or othar ,encountered a grumpy old man.

My father became the archetypal G O M in his latter years. It was of no consequence to him and he actually revelled in it. If I took him to task about any moan at anytime, he had his stock response. Simply put, he had deceided that ,as he was of an age, there were no real sanctions that anyone could use against him whatever he said. His riposte rolled of his tongue like a well rehearsed speech from a politician at a Party Conference. As he was of his age, he determined that he could say, "What he liked, when he liked, where he liked, to who he liked " No room for compromise, just take it or leave it.In fact he developed it to such an art form, that like the ficticious Victor Meldrew, that with one foot in the grave he became what we call a "character" and actually became warmly accepted by those who knew him.

I doubt that I shall ever achieve my father"s so called charm, but horror of horrors, I find myself morphing into somesort of cloned substitute for him as the days progress. Things that I once let go by now produce in me the need tocomment upon with increasing volume, whilst important issues to me now drive me to apoplexy when they manifest themselves in whatever form.

My wife is constantly telling me how futile I am for raging at the Television when some aspect thereon ignites my ire. If we go out for a meal with people, I have to be told what I must not, at any cost, and on pain of death, comment upon ! Essentially, i am exhorted to be "NICE TO PEOPLE ". The fact that I have to then suffer the most outrageous drivel in silence, all night is apparently of no consequence. I must not, under any consequence utter an opinion on certain subjects, like politics, gay marriages, nuclear energy etc etc. lest the balnce of the world is disturbed. In short I am treated as if I were a timebomb likely to explode at any minute. Ridiculous of course, but sadly true ! I am a G O M amd there is an end to it !


If the above should, in anyway have made you even a little sad for me, please remove that emotion at once. You see I now know it is not my fault ! It is all down to that devil TESTOSTERONE.

NOW WHEN I WAS YOUNG AND WE GOT INTO ARGUMENTS OR SCRAPS THAT WERE NOT ALCOHOL FUELLED, THE WISE WOULD NOD SAGELY AND TELL US "IT IS ALL DOWN TO TESTOSTERONE "In those days we had too much, now our behaviour as G O M"s is down to us having too little of it !

Testosterone is best known as the "libido" hormone that drives us on to procreate and maintain the human race.Amazing to think that as young bucks all those hours we spent figuring out how to behave with young ladies and to woo their hearts was really of little consequence. Essentially we were animals fuelled by this high octane stuff that was bound to react at sometime with the female equivalent and do the business. Now, that having long been done, we find ourselves low on libido and cosequently less inclined to physical mating. As a result research had to be done of course, to help ageing males rediscover their ardour and that is, of course where the old Testosterone comes in.

Low testosterone can be treated by hormone injections which raise the libido and help against potential heart attacks in later age males it appears. Chemotherapy worked havoc with my testosterone production and 2 years on, it still is not returned to normal.I can live with that.

It is said by researchers, that in addition to libido reduction we G O M "s suffer from tiredness, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, glucose intolerence, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular ill health ! Now that is where I have a problem ! I suffer from none of those ,so where do I stand !?

From the above, it is pretty clear that anyone who does have the problems above, they should visit their GP swiftly, espescially if they are middle aged or younger. Older codgers like me,. who need a sex boost can also seek advice and testosterone injections. However, if, like me it appears you are grumpy for the sake of being grumpy, then you just have to live with it. It may all be down to testosterone but short of becoming an aged version of a rampant young bull, it appears we will remain as we are and get on with it. Remember, as you get older, you can, as my father did, say, "What you like, where you like, when you like to who you like " If you end up in jail or shot, do not blame me, blame him !


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