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Gender-Reveal Party: How to let others know the sex of your new baby.

Updated on May 20, 2013
What is Mamma Carrying?
What is Mamma Carrying?

In this day and age, someone may hear this term and have several ideas about what this could mean. When I got an invitation to a Gender Reveal Party, I had to find out what I was going to attend.

I quickly found out that a Gender Reveal party is a party given by new parents to announce the gender of their new baby. What I was surprised to learn was that the party is almost like a shower, even if this is a second or third child. I understand that new parents are excited to tell family and friends about the new child, but originally (or so I thought) baby showers were given for the first child.

If the person being invited gave a gift to the first child, do you bring another gift to this party? I discovered that many people only ask for diapers. I wonder when the baby actually does arrive; do I give another gift, especially if it is a family member?

The party itself was similar to a shower. I saw that the expectant parents did receive things other than diapers. There was cake, ice cream, and pictures. This particular couple decided to reveal the gender by opening a box of balloons on the balcony allowing a rush of pink balloons to pour into the sky. Girl!! That least the important colors haven’t changed.

I have also heard that some people bake a cake with a blue or pink baby hidden inside. When the cake slices are passed around, someone gets the baby and tells the room what color the baby is informing everybody of the sex of the new baby. This is similar to a New Orleans’ King Cake for those who live or have visited New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I am sure there must be a dozen way people could approach the reveal.

I am left still wondering what I think about this. In this day, both parents usually work, and many have good paying jobs. Do they really need a party for diapers? Also, the grandparents usually are excited and tell everyone that will listen what sex the baby is, and begin buying items that the new baby may need, even if it’s the second or third child

Asking about Gender Reveal parties, I have received several comical looks before I explained what it is. Most of my older generation has never heard of this. Many people ask if there will be an additional party or will this double as a shower. Most people have a hard time fitting in extra showers with schedules being packed with play dates, soccer practices, and trying to catch up with laundry after a busy week.

Once something begins there is usually no going back. Probably soon greeting card companies will get in on this action, as well as companies that produce baby shower products. I tried my hand at make a diaper bassinet that I had seen for regular baby showers. It turned out that project needed a little tweaking also, but that’s another story.

I wonder what people think about this type of thing. I’d like to know.

What do you think about a Gender Reveal Party?

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