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The Lifestyle Of The Healthy, Wealthy And Happy!

Updated on November 5, 2015
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Bronson Wilks is a partner in National Staffing Solutions, a registered nurse, internet marketer and passionate about personal development.

The 14th floor of Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City. Anyone sick?
The 14th floor of Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City. Anyone sick? | Source

What Does Money Have To Do With Health?

Wealthy people who can afford healthy living yet seem to be the saddest of all. Poor people who live unhealthily but seem so grounded and happy. What does it take to be Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy? I’ve been looking for these answers for a very long time and have found a few interesting points that you may enjoy reading.

First I would like to introduce a perspective you may not have heard before. A connection between circumstances and physical health, mental health included as well. Have you ever wondered what happens inside the human body when presented with a stressful circumstance? I still wonder what happens when presented with a joyful, spiritual or peaceful situation.

There are very complicated associations between education, economic status, social class and one’s health and life expectancy. The higher up the ladder an individual is, the lower the risk of multiple diseases such as hypertension, various cancers, accidents and malnutrition. There are literally thousands or millions of factors that play into the overall status of an individual but we can pick out a few patterns that release people from at least a few causes of stress in life.

Stress And Cortisol

Stress is a divine gift, a chemical and physical mechanism that connects the emotions to the mind and the body. When triggered by some knowledge or situation the adrenal glands release cortisol which helps the brain make more efficient connections, therefore allowing you to acutely focus on tasks or thoughts, to work out solutions quickly and accurately. Cortisol enhances your response systems and abilities. The catch however, is that when the problem is solved, stress is relieved, the cortisol goes away, but for those under constant stress due to economic status, or health and social circumstances the cortisol levels remain high for extended periods of time.

When cortisol levels remain high in the body for extended periods of time they have almost the inverse effect on the body. The brains pathway connections are interrupted, reactions are often slower while driving and others tasks. The body becomes more vulnerable and illnesses increase dramatically. Those under such unfortunate circumstances become prone to higher rates of terminal diseases as well, such as cancers and heart disease. While eating right can solve some health problems this is a completely different look inside the body and it cannot be cured by exercising and eating healthier meals. This is bigger than one or two changes, it is an entire lifestyle and circumstance change, which is not easy.

How Do We Change The Problem?

As a nurse I've seen how frequent patients are not compliant with only a few instructions from the doctor, so this type of situation is overwhelmingly much more difficult. Where do we begin, how do we teach all these aspects of life effectively, and how do we extend relief to those in need in a way that will help lift them out of the circumstances forever, rather than momentarily?

Food For Thought

Cancer is one illness that is much more prevalent in the lower income or "lower class" Americans. This can be attributed to many different factors as mentioned above, their low income leads to nutritional deficiencies, less time and fewer resources to exercise or relax, fewer checkups, physicals and tests. More "constant" stress, which leads to many different problems including more accidents, which leads to more stress. The song below offers some of the emotions that an individual with a chronic illness might be feeling.

Cancer Song

More Food For Thought

Compare the song above to the song below which offers the genuine emotion of a parent enjoying the ride of being a part of something meaningful, profound and joyful. Providing an environment with support systems and love.

Just playing a musical instrument causes changes in the brain. People who are proficient musicians have a much larger corpus callosum than those who are not musicians. Playing music also causes people to think more clearly, to relax and taps into their creativity. This can only happen if you have the time and means to learn such a talent.

Parenting Song


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