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24 Hours a Day

Updated on March 17, 2015

Getting by on 24 hours in a day

Business and work is a 24 hour a day job for most of us, have you lived up to your expectations for this one period of time? We run so fast into the day that we forget that breathing is a luxury that God has given us. We are so worried about our jobs and errands that we forget about God and his promise to you. You only are guaranteed time right now. What happens in an hour or so is the future and so most of us try to predict what will be.What will become of us in a few hours from now? No one really knows but God. We can predict all we want from our own minds but does it always happen this way?

There is only one thing that we know right this minute and that is we are breathing and reading this article, right this very moment. Trying to figure out where the author is going to go with the next sentence.That is how our minds work, and we speed ahead if we do not like what we are reading right this moment. To predict tomorrow is ok, but to despise something that is in our minds that will happen is not always what happens. Who makes that decision for us? If you don't believe in God then think for one moment that your heart will stop in a few minutes and you can't breathe.That is a scary thought to have but it could happen, at any given moment.

Live your life so that this 24 hour period is the last of your life.Do what is healthy and good to other people and if you happen to make it to the next day reflect on the consequences of what you did the day before.You might become a changed person if you live this way. One miute at a time is what some people live by, and rightfully so.

Spiritual Living

Most of us live in the past or future!!

True , that most of us live in the past or future all the time and foget about the now. Living right now you might be sipping on a glass of water with the rays of the computer shining on your face. Your eyes may be getting tired from being on the computer and searching for social media to post or read. So many things can take place in a single moment that it is something we really do not pay attention to , we just keep going and rightfully so, we have to.

Living in the present means thinking of the past and future things we have done , good and bad. The errands we must run before a certain time today or the nap you want to get in before it gets too late.Groceries to buy and the thought of how the weather is and how your car will run, all these thoughts we need to learn how to give up to God. Yes, God is the answer to your questions. If you listen with an open mind you will receive these answers. No one is telling you to get religion , just spirituality can help a person conquer the evil of predicting or assuming the future or past tense of what your actions have done or verbally you might have said.

There are those who are so consumed with the future and past that they are sick from the thoughts. Very easy to get this way if you have negative thinking in your way. How do you get rid of negative thinking? You work on yourself and ask for help from a friend or God. This has worked for many people recovering from diseases and mental conditions , and it can work for you!!

Spiritual Thinking

In Conclusion of 24 hours

When it is time for bed, remember how you made it through the day. You were breathing today and your heart is still pumping blood to your body, is this not a miracle? You are laying down , on a comfortable spot that relaxes you and this should relax your thoughts. Think about the trees you saw today and the birds you might have heard. This about positive things that God has given you during this day.

We have a lot to be thankful for in our lives and we take this for granted because of the stresses in our 24 hour day. This happens to us all, but the ones that can master a spirituality in the day will have an easier time with relaxing and getting a good nights sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. Do not fret the next day no matter of what is to happen, because if you pray positively and think this way all will turn out better than you first thought.

Always keep in mind we just have today, and how we manage our time is crucial to living peacefully throughout this day. No one said it was easy but with practice it can be done. Practice takes place when you are at one with yourself and by yourself in a quite place for at least 30 minutes a day. Just close your eyes and think of the good for 30 minutes and you will have a better day. Maybe join a group of people, where they meditate or talk about their issues would help. You only have 24 hours today, so make it happen your way!!


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