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How to get rid of cold quickly?

Updated on April 11, 2014

Cold is the most common and troublesome disease which has been marked with several symptoms. Generally it is experienced as cough, sneezing, sore throat, fatigue, congestion, runny or blocked nose, watery eyes and low fever. These are the most common symptoms. In some people, such symptoms may be a sign of some allergy, most commonly dust, or sinusitis. Below given are few steps and solutions that would help you get relief from any or all of the above mentioned symptoms of cold.

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Ease sore Throat

Gargling, three to four times a day, eases cough and sore throat. Early morning and before sleep gargles are a must. One teaspoon of salt in almost a glass of warm water acts magic when gargled efficiently. The warmth relieves the throat to a great extent.

Honey and Ginger Tea

Tea is a natural drink that, if prepared with spices and herbs, would be highly helpful to cure cold. It generally give immediate relief. Honey, pepper, ginger and cardamom such be given in hot water along with tea leaves and tulsi leaves(Ocimum tenuiflorum) or Holy basil). This drink has to be consumed twice a day an hour before or after any meal.

Hot Soups

These traditional drinks are considered the best for cold. It has been observed that chicken soups are quite beneficial in such situations. Chicken soup supplies the body with the proteins that is required for developing the immune system of the body. Not only this but it also helps in reducing the nasal cavities that cure the cold faster.

Using a Netipot

To decongest the sinuses, netipots are highly ideal. These ceramics pots are available in the health stores etc. and it has to be poured in with saline solution made by half s teaspoon of kosher salt. This helps in flushing the mucus out of the nasal passages. One has to tilt the head over the sink and pour the water out into one nostril from the spout. It should be noticed that the water comes out of the other nostril. The nose is to be blown after the procedure and the process has to be repeated again from the other nostril.

Blowing the nose

One should not let the mucus accumulate in the nostrils. The running nose should be blown properly every time required. Breathing and forcing the mucus inside again and again would only worsen the situation.

Use of nasal Sprays

In order to blow out the mucus of the bllocked nose, these nasal sprays are very effective. These sprays shrink the blood vessel which further widens the airways and helps in easy breathing.

Medicines for Cold

Tablets such as phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine and nasal sprays are the ones that must be consumed if one requires immediate relief. Generally anti biotic need sto be avoided as they fight bacterial infections and not viral infections.

Pain relievers like Tylenol that contain acetaminophen can help reduce headache, sore throat, and fever but it should be ensured that these acetaminophens are not supplied to children below the age of three.

Supplements of zinc and vitamin C are proved to be beneficial in such cases of cold. It is true that they do not immediately affect and relieve from cold but it does reduce the time period of cold and immunes us from any further serious cold and congestion.

An antihistamine helps to a great extent in preventing running nose and watery eyes. Whereas aspirin, and ibuprofen can help to ease pains and aches and bring down fever.

Proper Diet

One should include in their diet all the supplements of Vitamin C, foods containing zinc, garlic and peppermint. Further honey, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, celery and cauliflower also are ideal and effective for curing cold in a healthy manner.


Coffee tends to dehydrate our body. During cold we must try to humidify and hydtrate our body for ease and quick relief. Hence, coffee, as it has caffeine should be avoided to a great extent. Further, alcohol should also be avoided for the same serious reasons.

Shower Techniques

One should ideally opt for hot water baths and water vapour intakes during their cold. It has been noticed that slight intake of these vapours somehow tends to damage those viruses in our nasal cavities that are the reason of our cold..Luke Warm water showers further relieve the body and as such steam treatments loosen the mucus while the hot water helps in moisturizing the dry nasal passages in cases of blocked nose.

Along with the above mentioned solutions and tips, one must also keep in mind that the body requires a huge amount of rest and sleep. Such medicines and tips will not be highly and quickly effective if a person doesn’t take a day off and stay at home , resting, in order to relieve the body from any exterior viruses. Further exposure might lead to a serious fever , hence a person mist stay in warm temperature and away from any cold fluids. Hot fluid intakes, steams, vapours, gargling, herbal tea, raw honey, and a good supply of vitamins and minerals would supposedly prevent you from prevent and further exposure to the cold viruses.

Ways to Get Rid of Cold Overnight


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    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 3 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Good ideas for easing the symptoms of the nasty cold. I like the ginger tea and honey idea. THanks!