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Updated on January 7, 2011



Sitting in a deserted waiting room at the end of the day{even the Reception Staff had gone home} certainly increases apprehension when waiting for a Consultant as we found out yesterday. The normally full waiting room was eerily silent as we waited for 30 minutes in splendid isolation, our appointment, last of the day at 4.45 pm..

Eventually came the summons and as usual, we went to a deserted consulting room to await the arrival of Consultant and the news that we, [wife and I} had been hanging on for all day. The young Dr ISLAM, was first to enter with the immediate uplifting news that PET/CT/3 Scan showed, as was hoped for by us, that the Cancer was in FULL REMISSION. That following on from the earlier good news of PET/CT/2 that the Chop Chemo had zapped the Lymphoma was as good as it gets from a patient"s perspective.

Dr Islam then went on to explain that they still wished to adopt a cautious approach and to complete Chop/8 and 2 further Intrathecal Lumbar Puncture. Now had things gone to plan, Intrathecal 3 would have been completed a couple of hours earlier, but my Blood Tests showed me again to be Neutropenic, if only just. As a result the Doctor and I agreed that I would take an early blood test next day and see if CHOP/8 could go ahead as planned.

I can now report that the blood test I had this morning and which I took directly to Pathology has proved ok and the CHOP goes ahead today. Also, the Intrathecal 3 is now set for next Thursday and 2 weeks later the final one on Jan 28. The cooperation from blood tests, pathology, and the reception at the Chemo Centre to facilitate these events has been, as with everything I have received from the NHS Hospital, been absolutely first class and ,as I have recorded before Cold not have received better care, consideration and treatment anywhere, regardless of whether it was Private or not. These people, without fuss or standing on ceremony have all dealt with things in a friendly but nevertheless totally professional manner and I owe them a great deal.

So, Jan 28 sees the completion of treatment---- OR DOES IT?


Having related the above, Dr Islam, then began to put forward a further aspect, "for your consideration". At this point, enter stage right,  on cue Dr Cervi, Chief Consultant! At once the susceptibilities heighten ,as the good Doctor seems only to appear at pivotal moments. Dr Islam continued to explain that, though I am 70 and the normal cut off age for what they now propose is 65, they felt I would be able to withstand the isolation course of Bone Marrow removal and high dose Chemo that proves, apparently invaluable in blocking a return of the T-Cell Lymphoma which had attacked me and which could possibly return, with treatment problems created in the future if it were so to do.

Dr Cervi then took up the reins and ,as previously advised, told us this would require going to a London Hospital to see a Professor to discuss the treatment in detail, obtain his decision as to my suitability and take physical tests for heart ,lungs,kidneys, liver etc. to ascertain  if they are in suitable condition to withstand the high dose involved. Following this all parties agreed that it was for the best for us to have an appointment arranged with the Professor to discuss matters face to face and in depth prior to any final decision being made or required.

So, the dilemma is really "Stick"  or "Twist !" I must do my own research and have my son already contacting an Oncologist friend for a "second opinion". More to report on in future Hubs, but for the present, the news is good and the prospects ever brightening for the future. I may miss out on Egypt this Spring but Turkey from May 20th. looks very solid and with the current UK weather, that cannot come quickly enough, I can assure you!



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