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Updated on October 17, 2010


In an earlier hub, I referred to the prescription of MESNA by the Hospital unit to assist in enabling patients to get a better night"s sleep ,for example, free from hourly or so, required urinary visits to the toilet through the dark hours.of the night.

In CHOP Chemotherapy, for example a side effect of one of the drugs in the cocktail can cause irritation in the bladder that precipitates this reaction, as I personally found out, being up 14 times one night. The effect on sleep and thus, energy levels cannot be ignored safely.

Mesna has a primary function of protecting bladder and kidneys and is not, itself , a Chemo drug.. It protects the bladder and kidneys from the Chemo drugs and helps protect against bleeding.Patients are advised to drink copious amounts of water also to help the flushing out of the Chemo drugs from the system

Mesna in given as a liquid or tablet in form, the former via a drip, as the Chemo drugs themselves. Used to often assist in combating side effects, such as I described above, Mensa has those of it"s own. Sickness and nausea,change in taste sensations, tiredness and achy limbs, mood change, skin irritation and even diarrhoea and headaches can obtain, although I personally have been spared all these.

However, Mesna has my thanks for assisting my sleep at a time I rely on it and as such, my thanks to it and to the Hospital for prescribing it for me.

You can learn more on Cancer support by sourcing the excellent information provided free of charge by the MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT, an excellent Charity for all information and assistance on all forms of Cancer which I commend to all both to consult and support. 


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