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Keep Cholesterol Levels Intact

Updated on July 27, 2012
cold water fishes like salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
cold water fishes like salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
Spinach, lettuce, chard and kale -leafy greens that help in avoiding cholesterol problems.
Spinach, lettuce, chard and kale -leafy greens that help in avoiding cholesterol problems.

Control your cholesterol level

Cholesterol can be defined as a fat like substance which can be found in our body cells. This substance moves through our blood vessels .It moves in small packages that are made up of lipid and proteins. Hence it is called lipoproteins. Two types of cholesterol or lipoproteins are seen in our body which are called as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. LDL or low density lipoproteins are bad cholesterol while HDL or high density lipoproteins are called as good cholesterol. If the level of LDL cholesterol is high in our blood it will lead to the building up of cholesterol in our arteries resulting in heart diseases.

If you follow a healthy and balanced diet you can keep your blood cholesterol level in control. Foods containing fiber have proved to be very beneficial in reducing your LDL level. Oats and barley are foods that are rich in fiber. Oatmeal can be taken regularly as breakfast. It not only helps in lowering the blood cholesterol level but also helps you to reduce your weight. Fruits like pears and apples contain fiber and can be had daily. Pulses and beans contain a nutrient called lecithin which is effective in lowering LDL. You can add pulses in stews and soups which makes it tastier. There are certain cold water fishes like salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines which have storage of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids lower the chance of clots by thinning the blood. Different types of nuts, almonds, sesame seeds and pumpkins are some of the other foods which contain omega-3 fatty acids and thereby help in lowering the cholesterol level. It is always advisable to use olive oil for frying fish. Avocado contains healthy fat that aids in producing oleic acid which is efficient in lowering blood cholesterol level. You would love eating avocados as it is delicious and with attractive flavor.

Different types of leafy vegetables are rich with fiber content and can aid you in your task of reducing blood cholesterol. Spinach, lettuce, chard and kale are some among the leafy greens that are helpful in avoiding cholesterol problems. Salads can be added to your everyday diet. Garlic is yet another food which is readily available in our kitchen, which has proved its efficiency in blood thinning. It is a good habit to have a clove daily as it also helps you in reducing bad cholesterol. Blue berries also fight against cholesterol. Uncooked carrots, ginger, citrus fruits, soy bean and shitake mushrooms are other natural foods which fight against bad cholesterol.

Usually cholesterol levels in men and women vary. This is due to the presence of estrogen in women. Estrogen reduces the bad cholesterol in women while it adds to the good cholesterol level. Estrogen has a heart protective power and hence younger women have less chances of getting affected with heart disease as estrogen is produced at a higher rate during younger ages. Menopause results in the reduction of estrogen production and hence LDL levels are likely to increase exposing them to the threat of heart diseases. The required cholesterol levels for women should not fall below 200 mg/dL. You should ensure that the total cholesterol does not become more than 240 mg/dL. It is always advisable to keep a check over your cholesterol levels.


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