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Pain Relief Diet : Naturally from Food

Updated on May 8, 2012

the wonder drug

garlic | Source

Pain Relief Please!

Exploring the world of food and healing has brought me to a place where combining foods to help me heal naturally makes sense. I am on some pretty strong pharmaceutical medications and eventually will have to wean off them. My goal is to control my pain and help my healing as naturally as possible and eventually through as much of my diet as possible.

I am dealing with several health issues that are causing me a far amount of pain 24/7. My colon health; I have had large and small chunks of my large and small intestine removed and after 2 years am still experiencing bowel obstructions. Due to my diverticulitis, I limit seeds and nuts. I have allergies to many foods, most of which are processed. i am lactose intolerant and gluten intolerance as well. I have a broken femur and pelvis and am awaiting surgery to remove the hardware that was put in after my injury. I also have pain and mobility issues with my neck, upper and lower back as well as my left arm and shoulder.

After some research I found numerous foods, herbs and spices that help with pain management, inflammation and intestinal issues, which I am dealing with daily. I have created a new daily menu for myself that includes these beneficial edibles. There's room in my day for food additions, but my goal is to eat all the foods and herbs on my list, so no subtractions. I believe that writing it down will keep me on track, make my daily routine easier and create food choices that are always going to benefit me.

I am sharing this menu so anyone who is experiencing chronic pain may be more aware of how easy it is to add delicious healthy foods to any daily diet that can help with pain.

Smaller Meals More Often

I'll start the diet food list at the beginning of the day, and include the health benefit it adds to my body. At this point I have been advised to eat every 2 to 3 hours as it will help control my blood sugars from spiking, so regular small meals throughout the day.

Because my body is in repair it seems to burn through the energy I get from food rapidly, so I need to re-energize it more often. I'm not eating large amounts, but reasonable sizes that do give me the energy more often than not. My fatigue seems to be starting to subside as a result, which is the desired effect at this point.

heartburn relief

apple cider vinegar
apple cider vinegar | Source

for potassium and energy

bananas | Source


Water: 8 x 8oz glasses daily: starting with I glass first thing in the morning: flushes out pain created by injured tissues, helping to reduce the pain; flushes out pharmaceutical drugs quickly, keeps me hydrated allowing my joints to move easier.

Apple Cider Vinegar: 1 tbsp with 8 oz of water before meals; it is a digestive aid that helps to break down fats and proteins so my stomach empties quickly so I don't get heartburn which is an issue with me.

Yogurt: 1 to 2 cups a day: it's a protein which helps build my muscles; it is a good bacteria which helps my digestive system & boosts my immune system; and by helping my body cope with changing estrogen and progesterone levels, it helps to manage my PMS symptoms, or mood swings.

Pineapple: 1 cup of pineapple a day: helps stop gas by breaking down proteins in the stomach and small intestine, and I get too much gas.

Banana: 1 a day: a great source of potassium and energy, they are also high in fibre which helps with bowel function.

Ground Flax: 1 tbsp a day: Flax is high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, so it fights inflammation, it's high in fibre so helps bowel function and regularity.

Combine the above 4 ingredients into a blender and enjoy a smoothie.

Coffee: I take my pain medications with 12 oz of black coffee: the caffeine stimulates the stomach lining and the pain meds are absorbed more quickly and effectively.

for chronic pain

tumeric | Source


Fish (oily): tuna or salmon salad sandwich; the fatty acids in fish, are powerful, natural anti-inflammatories without any side effects, and the repair the intestine.

Tumeric: 1/4 tsp added to fish salad: helps fight chronic pain and inflammation by naturally shutting down our pain producing hormones "cyclooxygenase".

Cherries or 100% Cherry Juice: 20 cherries or 1 cup of juice daily: for chronic pain relief and an anti-inflammatory.

back pain relief

grapes | Source


Almonds: 2 tbsp almond butter: a protein, an anti-inflammatory, almonds are known as brain and bone food as they contain more calcium than any other nut.

Tomato Juice:1 cup daily: a good source of potassium which equals energy for me, it also contains high doses of Vitamin C.

Grapes: 1 cup daily: relieves back pain by relaxing blood vessels in the back and allowing blood to flow more freely to the damaged tissues.

iron, vitamin C & colon health

spinach | Source


Spinach: I daily serving, either cooked or in a salad: helps protect my colon; the beta-carotene and vitamin C work to protect the cells of the body’s colon from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Garlic: 1 to 2 cloves daily in my food: known as a wonder drug, it has too many health benefits for me not to include it in my daily diet; it's natural anti-biotic qualities are long lasting, so is very helpful in getting my body to a healthier place.

Protein: a nightly protein which will vary daily; because protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood it is essential for my body to heal.

A peppermint bath made with 10 drops of peppermint oil 3 times a week will help relax my sore muscles, again allowing healing to take place.

It seems a little repetitive, but I like the fact that I know everything I'm eating is actually working in unison with my body to help it repair. I am dedicated to working with foods to add to my quality of life and help heal.

I am eating as organic as I can, as I understand the consequences of eating sprayed food especially when my body is in repair, I am also very aware of GMO foods and have been eliminating them from our house for a long time. I see this as an opportunity to recommit to being as healthy as I can be, and my family has even adopted many of the foods that I'm eating and enjoying them thoroughly.

I'm looking forward to finding and adding more great foods that are helpful to the body and welcome any suggestions.

© 2012 eye say

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    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      Crystal; besides eating the foods I just started seeing an acupuncturist. I was very skeptical about asking for help to remove the pain in my hip, as I was getting treatment for other health issues, but when I did ask if the acupuncture could help he replied very matter of factly, "no problem". I was shocked when the pain disappeared while I was lying on the table. It's been two weeks, and the pain just started to creep back in two days ago, but, I had an appointment today and I'm once again almost pain free. The areas I didn't specifically ask disappeared and have just gotten home from my second treatment pain free everywhere I asked for help with. Maybe this is something you may be interested in looking into. My acupuncturist is very experienced and has been practicing a long time but I am actually shocked that this treatment has been this affective. Thanks fro taking the time to read, I am recovering well thank you, at least I'm on the right path it seems.

    • Crystal Tatum profile image

      Crystal Tatum 5 years ago from Georgia

      This is all very good information. I suffer from several chronic health issues and am in pain daily. I have been told that my body is in a chronic state of inflammation, so I found the tips on foods to eat to address that very helpful. I wish you recovery.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      Kimberly: I have been enjoying the turmeric and I put it in lots that I cook, it's flavor is mild and I really like it in savory warm foods. Glad you found it useful and thanks for sharing!

    • KimberlyLake profile image

      Kimberly Lake 5 years ago from California

      Excellent source of information, I suffer from chronic pain in my back and neck. I will definitely incorporate these foods into my diet. I have heard of the benefits of turmeric before. This is a great hub. Voted up, bookmarked and socially shared.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      note: taking my pain medications with black coffee definitely seems to help them take affect more quickly

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      @Maddie: the tumeric has been tasting great in my daily fish sandwiches and so have found it super easy top incorporate, the fish actually helps to bring the intestines back to good health: I hope some of these foods help your issues...

      @ tirelesstraveler: I find it so interesting to see how many foods cross over to help with several real health issues facing us today; I believe apple cider vinegar is another one of the wonder drugs and has amazing healing power; thanks for the vinegar substitution suggestion, good to know, and I appreciate your sharing the information...

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 6 years ago from California

      These foods reoccur in much reading about cancer as well. I learned about apple cider vinegar preventing indigestion from the doctor who does my acupuncture. If the vinegar is too strong you can substitute it with "Betain" aka HCL from the health food store.

    • Maddie Ruud profile image

      Maddie Ruud 6 years ago from Oakland, CA

      What a great resource for those with digestive/inflammation issues! I live with chronic pain, and I had no idea about turmeric, but I can tell you I'll be making curry a lot more often now!

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      czczcz; the tumeric was easy as pie to add to my sandwich and the smoothies make everything go down easily without much effort or stomach upsets ... but I have listed foods to help keep the "gut" working through the pain.

      Adding some of these foods slowly can only enhance your life not take away from it and in a delicious way.

      Hope you find these foods help.

      thanks for your feedback!

    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 6 years ago from Oregon

      Great hub! Interesting ideas as someone that has lot of chronic pain I am always looking for additional ideas to help relieve the pressures without having to resort to more meds and will look into the items to discuss and why thanks again.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      dinkan, I appreciate that you liked the diet and want to share it ... it seems to be working for me. Day 3 of the diet; 10:30am and haven't taken any pain meds yet ... and when I do I will just take my 4 hour meds and not my 24 hour release ones; I haven't taken one of those for 2 days now!

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 6 years ago from India

      This is a wonderful hub that I want to share with my twitter followers. Thanks for sharing