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People Who Enjoy or Thrive On Chaos

Updated on June 19, 2013

There was a book I once read when I worked for a huge corporation; it was entitled, “Thriving on Chaos.” Basically, it was a book about the nonsense or political games that people and management played in the workplace.

Since I own businesses now, people in the workplace must play these ridiculous games in the workplace. That being said, I definitely do not believe, matter of fact, I know that I don’t, nor do I tolerate this kind of nonsense or drama in my personal life or in my workplace.

There are people who work in corporations, who consistently play political games in the workplace. These people believe that he or she must create an atmosphere of disruption to motivate people to do their jobs, REALLY! I don’t think so, and I don’t allow people to cause disruptions or play political games in the workplace.

I will not even hire a person, if my spidey sense or six sense starts to tingle, which tells me that this person is going to be a disruption to the workplace.

After I read that book, I learned so much about the way some people think, clearly there are people who exist in this world, that believe they cannot go through his or her day, without causing disruption, playing games, or just causing dissention in their personal and professional lives.

What does that say about the quality of the individual, who lives their life in such a manner, where he or she does not have any regard for himself or herself, or the people they wreak havoc on while bulldozing their way through life?

Whenever I meet people, whether it is in business situations or through casual interactions in my personal life, I generally can discern, how he or she conduct their personal and professional lives. I also can discern, if he or she thrives on creating a drama filled, or emotionally messy lifestyle.

I’m a person who life is defined by respecting anybody that crosses paths with me, and I conduct my life in a manner by which, it is not drama filled, due to the fact that I live a stress free lifestyle, and I only surround myself with people, who I know that are capable of living a drama free lifestyle.

Ask yourself a question. What kind of people do you surround yourself with in your life? Do you have a drama free workplace and personal life? Do you know anybody who lives in this manner or fashion, where his or her life is a chaotic mess?

I will never understand what drives a person to live or conduct their lives in such a way, where he or she are constantly in the midst of drama, or just thrive on the drama that exists in their lives.

. I have noticed that people who live messy lives, tend to attract others, who thrive on the same chaos and mess in their lives. What's that old analogy? "Birds of a feather", mostly at times rings true, especially pertaining to this particular situation, whether it's in a his or her personal or professional life.

Here are some suggestions I would like to give you below, that may help you or keep yourself from being entangled with people in your personal or professional lives, that thrive on messy or chaotic filled lifestyles.

  • Know your friends, whether they are in your professional or personal lives.
  • Don’t participate in chaotic mess or drama in the workplace or allow it to thrive into or bleed over into your personal lives, in other words, if your personal life is not chaotic, and your workplace is chaotic, leave that chaotic mess at work, do not bring it home, yet attempt to have that sense of balance in your life
  • Even though you may be thrown in the mix of having to work with individuals who lead messy lifestyles, it does not have to be the way you conduct yourself, never allow another person's lifestyle, or their personality, especially if it is negative or counter productive, to rub off on you, be proactive enough to realize, or know what kind of people you are interacting with in the workplace, do your work, even if you have to work collectively with those type of people and push forward without becoming or getting caught up in messy drama or politics with chaotic people in the workplace.
  • Learn how to eliminate stress in your life, even if it means making decisions on who is going to be in your life, or where you are going to work,
  • First and Foremost, Be yourself, know yourself, and remember that you do not have to conform to the way others think or act around you, especially, if the way he or she acts around you is disruptive
  • Choose activities or do things that are relaxing to you

Last but not least, do not live your life, where everyday is chaotic and a stressful mess. Live each day enjoying what you do, enjoying the people you interact with, each and everyday, and live your life free of chaos, and drama filled mess.


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    • profile image

      adi 3 years ago

      The thing that you seem to be missing here though is, that for some people chaos is not a stress trigger.

      Its more of an excitement or being in action or being spontaneus and doing unexpected things or just adding some interest and color.

      It might be related to higher excitement levels and looking for more in everything. Maybe some hedonism as well.

      I enjoy chaos deeply, but since I am not stressed by any of it, I seem to attract very balanced and relaxed people.

      So theres another angle I guess.

    • profile image

      Michele 2 years ago

      Chaotic life is stressful to others. If you can't respect that it's not just about you go be in a colony, and destroy those who enjoy that.

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