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Personality Check: What Are Extroverts?

Updated on October 31, 2012

Extroverts are the exact opposite for introverts. If you believe you are one of them or is unsure if you have this kind of personality, below might help discover yourself the real "you".

Some Facts About Being an Extrovert

Fact 1:

Extroverts are social beings always on the go for adventures and excitement. They enjoy activities that involve social gatherings, such as parties, etc. Typically they love talking and being around with people, they are outgoing and don't hesitate to express their needs

Fact 2:

Friendly and Outgoing

Extroverts find themselves making friends easily and they get their energy by socializing with people. They can adapt to new environments without any trouble. They are open and frank and love to take the initiative. They are not so concerned and focus much with themselves and their own thoughts or feelings.

Fact 3:

Extroverts love the cowd. It is easier to spot an extrovert when he excels in social groups, who talks a lot and someone who enjoy being the center of attention. The more people around him, the better and energize he feels.

Fact 4:

Extroverts' traits usually direct them to jobs that are often people-oriented such as HR ( Human Resources), sales or even leadership positions as they are a strong communicators that will make others listen to them. They are great in teams and they do well working with other people.

Facts 5:

Extraverts are cheerful and optimistic. They are positive people in nature and have fun personalities in which you tend to enjoy their company. With them there are no dull moments as they seem to be happy and in good mood.

Facts 6:

Extroverts are active, alert and have high energy . They have enthusiasm and they're ready to plunge into action in general, sometimes to the point of being abrupt. Extroverts usually chats with anyone even a total stranger unlike with introverts who will talk as much as extroverts do but they tend to talk only to people they already know.

Facts 7:

Extroverts are informative beings, who are fond of talking about variety of issues especially when it comes to voluntarily giving information about themselves. They are also tend to be more naturally assertive. Though introverts rarely assert opinions, extraverts don't have reservations on some issues thus don't hesitate to assert opinions.

Fact 8:

Extroverts enjoy the time spent dealing and talking with people and find bored when they are alone. It's not that they're unhappy being alone but they find themselves more energize when they're surrounded with people. Their manner gives other people the impression that they are so confident in themselves.

If you are not sure whether you are an extrovert or not, there are many available tests in books and online tests to help you know where you fall. Still always remember, that most people to some extent are combination of introvert and extrovert. So tell me, are you one of them?


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