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Easy Relaxing Technique

Updated on October 23, 2015

This technique is based primarily on a gradual approach accompanied by pleasant associations concentration or mental representations.The literature presents statements of success in treating many different conditions, including enuresis and smoking. Our particular impression focuses on the effectiveness obtained in the treatment of anxiety and stress conditions. Certain phenomena related, though less scientifically occasionally seen in various religious procedures Zen, yoga and transcendental meditation.

Slowly Breathe

Benson's Common Denominator Techniques

The significant common denominator of all these procedures have been isolated and described by Benson who also lists a set of relaxation procedures easy to apply and are ideally useful. Its virtue lies in its brevity, simplicity, ease of learning and its ability to change the physiological components of stress, such as:

  • pulse rate
  • the rate of respiration
  • muscle contraction

Moreover, they have mystic implications but rest on a valid physiological reasoning.

  1. The environment should be quiet, preferably dark.
  2. Sit upright on a comfortable chair, hands resting on your thighs, palms down.
  3. Breathe slowly, deeply and deliberately. Focusing on the experience of exhalation. In so doing, repeat any monosyllabic word you choose. Benson prefers to use the word "one".
  4. Adopt a passive attitude towards the process. If one's mind wanders, as is almost certain to happen, accept the fact with the knowledge that one can go back and return to the observation of breathing and concentration on the exhale.

Benson Technique

How to Meditate

I will teach you how to meditate. When you learn to do it, you'll come to a mental level where you will be able to give your mind a new dynamic to solve problems. Something happens in meditation, and beauty is perceived is reassuring. The more you meditate, the more deeply penetrating within himself, the firmer mastery of a class of inner peace to the firm point that nothing in the world will achieve breaking it.

Here's all you need to do to reach the alpha level or meditative level of mind:
1. When you wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom if needed, and then return to bed. Set your alarm clock to go off fifteen minutes later if you fall asleep during exercise.
2. Close your eyes and direct them up behind the eyelids, at an angle of 20 degrees. For reasons not yet fully understood just this eye position is sufficient to induce the brain to produce the Alpha level.
3.Now slowly at intervals of approximately two seconds count down from 100 to 1. When you focus your mind on this, you will be in the alpha level at the first attempt.

If you feel that nothing happened during the first attempt, it means you have been in Alfa level many times before, without being particularly aware of it. In this case simply relax, do not put into question and stick to exercises.

Despite the fact that if, concentrated, Alpha level will be found at the first attempt, still you need seven weeks of practice to get to deeper levels and then move from Alpha to Theta. Use the method of one hundred to over ten weeks. Then count fifty to one, then from twenty-five to one, then from 10-1 and finally five to one, ten mornings in each case.

Contions in which relaxation response has been demostrated to be effective

Practice the Technique

To acquire this technique is essential the practice on using it, Benson recommends the practice at least twice a day in periods of ten minutes. The effects of the practice are to reduce chronic stress and the availability of technical when acute episodes occur.

Stess Response

Go beyond the plateaus

"If you always put a limit in everything you do, physical or anything else. it will spread into your work and into your life.

There are no limits. There are only plateaus, you must not stay there, you must go beyond, them"

- Bruce Lee

Environments that Generate Stress

In which of the following environments you identify more stress?

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