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Join Weight Loss Motivation

Updated on August 21, 2014


The battle with the bulge lives on , and My Goal( is here to help you succeed. No ,they are not another weight loss program, or magic pill. My Goal is a tool for those who want to seriously lose weight, and seriously keep it off. My Goal uses the simple quote of "United we stand, divided we fall.” They know the secret to successful weight loss is having a supportive team around you . No matter what we think we can not go it alone. Having positive and supportive people around you does help in your success. It is the little hidden final piece in a successful weight loss program.

So How Does This Work!

With My Goal you can really be on any diet programs you want. What My Goal is about is being a place to connect , and talk to others who have the same weight loss mission as you do. They do this by using your BMI (Body Mass Index), so you are grouped with people at about the same average weight as you. They are your support team. Of course you are also allowed to pick from this group who you want to add to your team. You can also add a personal friend too since the only way to join the site is with your Facebook account. Thus allowing you to add your Facebook friends to join you.

A chat board is also available to you. Here you can go in everyday to report your progress, or challenges. For example if those jeans you couldn’t fit into before now fit you, or what you had for lunch that day. You can even post the negatives for example having that slice of cheesecake your co-worker brought in at work. They also have a tracking board that charts your teams weight loss progress. This is the most greatest motivation tool of all. You can actually see on a graph chart your weight loss progress. Seeing that chart line go down , down , down can make you feel so up, up, up!

The Negative

  • No professional website supervision
  • Its online people could lie
  • You can only sign up at this point using your Facebook account

Those are very few negatives, and website is still rather new. In the future these issues might be addressed.

In Conclusion

I kind of like this idea. Even if you are on a diet program that offers a weight loss support team, hey you can never have too much support. For me personally really like the graph chart that offers. I have not seen that anywhere else Sometimes you feel as if you are not going anywhere in your weight loss goal. To actually see your weight loss progress over time on a chart makes you believe that you can do it!


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