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Updated on October 17, 2012


Maybe, like me ,you become weary of so called "new information" regarding things of an everyday nature, suddenly being propounded by reaserchers as potential aids / cures for illnesses etc. It seems that, for example, you are told that drinking 2 glasses of red wine per day is good for the heart, only to be advised in the next week or so, that red wine is a cause of heart disease.

It has always seemed to me, that following a normal healthy diet and avoiding excess of anything, seemed to be the best way forward for most people. As a result, I treat with scepticism, the various revelations of research that crop up in the media virtually weekly. However, this week a report of some research into Cancer, caught my attention as a former sufferer.

From the respected laboratories of no less a University than HARVARD came the claim that drinking 6 cups of coffee daily could benefit both sexes avert the onset of different forms of cancer ! Apparently. women drinking 4 to 6 cups daily are now considered to be less likely to suffer womb cancer and men doing likewise are less likely than those not so doing, to suffer prostate cancer. My immediate thought was that this research must have been sponsored by Starbucks, but maybe not.

117.000 volunteers took part in the research project of which 67,000 were women and had had 20 years of monitoring. It transpires that there is no reason to suppose that caffeine in coffee plays any part in the beneficial effects. The view is now held that though the coffee provides a spike in blood pressure which has been considered a reason for avoiding or minimising the amount consumed,, there are alternative effects that are beneficial. One theory for this is that coffee can have a beneficial effect on insulin levels, by limiting the amount of insulin in the body. Insulin has been thought as an aid to tumour growth for some time now. Other factors making coffee a possible aid are it"s ability to improve glucose processing, anti-oxidant effects and also anti-inflammatory benefits.

Of the 50,000 plus men monitored over 20 years, 18% lower risk of developing prostate cancer emerged. Prostate cancer can develop many types of form and in respect of the most life threatening type, the coffee drinkers saw their risk fall by a staggering 60%

Additional benefits for serial coffee drinkers are identified as reduced risks of gallstones, Type-2 diabetes, colon cancer and Parkinson"s disease. Formidable claims.


I will readily admit to taking the above with a pinch of salt ! Maybe that is all to the good, for the research warned against taking the coffee with sugar and/or cream. I enjoy an odd cup or two of coffee most days but with milk and sugar, so I would not be a fair measure, since it is said the extra calories gained could offset potential benefits. As such, I rest my case that the old adage of "a LITTLE of what you fancy does you good " is the best path to follow.

Having said that, any aspect that points to reducing the risks of developing cancers of any form, is too important to be lightly dismissed. Consequently my advice on the above is to mark,read, and inwardly digest the information but before embarking on a diet including 6 cups of coffee daily, to discuss the evidence with a trusted physician. If the green light is given then ,if so motivated, go forth. Perhaps if thousands take up the habit, Messrs Starbucks may pay their proper amount of tax on their profits, already vast, in the UK.


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