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Staff Traning and Fire Risk Assessments

Updated on March 16, 2013

Your Staff need to Know

One of the most important parts of staff training in your Fire Risk Assessment is to produce a document for your staff to sign that say's they've received and understood the staff training they've been given; in the event of a fire things may start getting a little hazy if anyone is injured.

That safe guards the owner or the person in charge but to be able to come up with a signed document you have to make sure your staff have received the training.

It's a good peace of legislation, the Fire Inspectors suggest you have a document signed by your staff and in order for them to sign the owner or person who has some responsibility for the building has to train the staff.

It's not sufficient enough to put up a 'Staff Fire Safety' sign saying you should have knowledge of all escape routes.
You have to take them round and show them all the fire exits, these exits will become part of your 'Emergency Escape Plan' within your Fire Risk Assessment that the Fire Inspector will want to see when he calls to do a Fire Safety Audit.

Knowledge of Escape Routes in the Emergency Plan

There's nothing elaborate about the training, just make sure it is fool proof, and it's and good idea to develop and produce any relating procedures to the escape routes.
When showing the fire exits to your staff have your emergency fire plan with you, so the skeptics realize your not just showing them a door.
Drawing up an emergency plan is fairly simple, here a copy of our plan:

Emergency Fire Plan

A Small Fire

In the event of a small fire raise the alarm by operating the nearest fire alarm call point then attack the fire with the equipment provided if it is safe to do so.
Assist guests to the assembly point in the car park.

A Fire

In the event of a fire raise the alarm by operating the nearest fire alarm call point.

Assist guests to the assembly point in the car park

If guests are upstairs lead them out of the front door, out of the front gate and round to the right of the building to the assembly point (car park).

If guests are at the rear of the building in room No 9 or the back corridor, lead them out of the rear entrance into the assembly point (car park).

Do not go back in the building for personal items.

Dial 999. Give the operator this telephone number 283 6909 When the fire brigade answers speak distinctly



Fire Risk Assessment Emergency Plan Planning

Emergency Plan - Run Like Hell and Scream all the Way, not really good enough.

Although the above plan doesn't seem much, indeed the main part is just thinking how to get out of the building as quick as possible. You've just read it, how many questions would you have to ask to understand it.

  • In the event of a small fire raise the alarm.

    What alarm? Where do you do it? How do you do it? Where's the nearest fire alarm call point.
  • Attack the fire with the equipment provided.

    What equipment? Where is it? How do you use it? How do you attack a fire?
  • Assist guests to the assembly point in the car park.

    Wheres the assembly point? Wheres the car park.

The best course of action is write out your Emergency Plan first, you know the building, all the exits and where the best place is for an assembly point, so your the best person for the job.

Once you done that you can ether pull out the questions as above or better still give it to a friend who calls now and again and ask him to put the Emergency Plan into action.

Fire Fighting Equipment Training

You can do all of the above your self and it won't cost you a thing.
Except for one section of the plan.

"attack the fire with the equipment provided"

But there's a way round it, and the alternative is carried out by a professional. As part of you Fire Risk Assessment the Fire Inspector will want to see records of your fire extinguisher maintenance so you will have to have them maintained by a reputable company.

I only found this out by chance, our service engineer call to carry out a routine maintenance and he said he would be letting a few of the extinguishers off and did I want any of our staff to have a go, yes, was the answer, just ask any time he said.

I entered the date, time, appliance and staff member in my Fire Risk Assessment staff training records, Plus training supervised by the maintenance company engineer.


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