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2: The hidden energy of life

Updated on September 11, 2010

The trees are alive!

Hello all!

Today, i would like to extend on the hidden energy of food.

As we can see there is energy in all living things, we all need energy to survive, we have to gain the energy through our environment, skin, digestion and breath.

We need a lot of this energy in colder climates to stay warm, people in hotter climates need less energy.

We gain most of our energy from sugar in colder climates, which is why we invented the purest form of sugar, alcohol to keep ourselves warm and survive the ever changing weather patterns of this earth. We also stock our cupboards with all the high processed sugary foods we can find and did you know that all carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta)  also turn into sugar once digested!? I wondered why these three were the staple diet of the world! All three need twenty minutes of boiling, thinking theres not much life left after that. Then there's condiments, did you know that sweet chilly sauce is 98% sugar!?

We can also gain our energy by stimulating involvement with our environment, talking to friends we gain warmth and love, arguing with each other also gives heat (heated Argument, not recommended). We can also gain this heat from paying attention and admiring  animals, plants and trees.

The best and easiest way is through our breathing, if we use our nose to warm the air instead if our mouth which cools our body we can gain greater energy, there are multiple breathing exercises on the internet and a great deal of interesting research of the nasal passage. ( funny how most people have blocked noses these days?) We talk so much and give away our energy, trying to compete for the biggest energy transfer from the outer environment when we can build it up easily in ourselves.

 When we breath deeply into our stomach and lungs we are in fact breathing in the atoms which surround us, as they pass through the nasal they vibrate/stimulate our hairs and passageways which help build chi/prana/energy this is the same energy we get from the above methods. Meditation on deep breathing exercises is a good alternative to a sugar snack and its free! 

Just a little food for thought!


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